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What is the nicest thing that you have received from Field & Stream?

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  • What is the nicest thing that you have received from Field & Stream?

    What is the nicest thing that you have received from Field & Stream?

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    I get a very nice magazine from them every month or so.... of course, I have to pay for the subscription.


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        I must be one of the lucky few that did get something---- a book called "THE TOTAL OUTDOORSMAN MANUAL". So hang in there, but do not live your life around the hopes of becoming a field tester unless you are willing to go to a store where you buy and pay for a new product to test.


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          I got a total outdoorsman challenge shirt for being one of several candidates for the wild card. I wasn't picked but they sent me a cool t-shirt. it was fun to dream for a little and more than I expected


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            Occasionally on this blog I get some excellent advice that is golden. That why I log on.I will buy my own stuff.

            The information is the value. The best advice doesn’t come from the writers it comes from the guys who actually do it for many many years.


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              It obviously had gotten lost in the mail...!!


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                Good read and a good forum here. What more should one expect from a magazine? If you have hopes of receiving free gear, your best bet would be to buy them with the points you earn through a Cabela's Club Visa Card or similar program. My new "free" holster for my .45 was just shipped. Expecting something for nothing is how the country got into the mess we are in.


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                    Your question presupposes a fact not in evidence.


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                      99 has hit the nail on the head. I think.


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                        A compliment.

                        When they took away mah points and erased mah "contributions."

                        Can't stand Yankees anyway!


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                          Howz Bill and Woofie doing these daze?



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                            Tragedy has entered into my life, WAM.

                            Bill (rest his soul) eventually succumbed to cancer as a secondary effect of ramming those grass seeds into his pads.

                            No veterinarian could even understand the concepts.

                            I spent every dime and every waking hour on Him and neglected my own health until I finally defeated the fungal infection, only to find out that the suppressed immune system allowed cancer to have its day.

                            Then my friends hauled me off to the emergecy room and I went to the ICU and then to the Nursing Home for 6 months, confined to a wheelchair.

                            I now live in Assisted Living (Old Folks Home) and Woofie sleeps in my bed.

                            Never fear.

                            When I started walking again, I discovered that he will still get triples.

                            He is now a contributor to F&S "Answers."

                            That is his registered name.

                            People here love him.

                            He kisses the Old Ladies on the face and beats their legs with his tail.

                            Being a diabetic, I'm gonna go back to hunting with a 28 ga to preserve mah retinas.

                            I can walk 2 miles now, and I still have my Van...

                            It's been interesting.

                            A guy came out the business office where he had seen one of my calls on display when Ah wuz coming back in after walking Woofie.

                            Apparently, his hunting partner owns vast tracts in the Bottoms near Woodland.

                            Together they killed nearly 600 greenheads and honkers by themselves last year...


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