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Do any of you have family members that you can't stand?

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  • Do any of you have family members that you can't stand?

    Do any of you have family members that you can't stand?

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    My grandfather cannot walk because of polio.


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      There nothing like family. I love all my family members.

      My younger brother's ex wife was real nasty toward him during the divorce.


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        Oh BOY!


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          Ah reckon!

          My Big Brother's new wife.

          Butt Ah nevva said nothing.

          I'm 6'4" and weighed 240 most of mah life.

          Former Shotokan Karate student.

          Could bench 350 after a workout without a spotter.

          Butt if he had 15 more IQ points, he could easily be mistaken for a gorilla.

          Got recruited by every college in the SEC.

          Then went to Auburn.

          How smart is that?

          Outran everybody on the team as an 18-year-old freshman.

          So Ah just stays 3,000 miles away.


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            Bayou woof,
            I reckon if anyone was recruited by every team in the SEC and chose Auburn, he need not expect calls from the Mensa Society.......ever.


            There are several in laws and outlaws in the family that I choose to not agree with most of the time, but I love my family. We were raised up together and taught to stick together no matter what.


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              A little more than a year later, I am still pretty displeased with my Uncle's wife. Nothing like finding out your grandpa passed away on Facebook because people can't use common sense to think about what they post on there.


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                I just realized I misread the question. oops. haha.


                • #9
                  Almost every buddy has Out-laws in there in-laws...LMAO


                  • #10
                    You betcha! I cant wait for the bitc----I mean witch, to die so I can see what kind of handbasket they put her in.


                    • #11
                      WAM -

                      Thet's about it!

                      Ah seen him reel in a pass and trot into the end zone by himself in the Spring Game against the Varsity.

                      They redshirted him and used him for a blocking back!

                      They're all as smart as a box of rocks.

                      Birds of a feather, I guess.

                      Q: What does it say on the bottom of Auburn Coke Bottles?

                      A: "Open Other End!"

                      HAR HAR...


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                        PS: Ah didn't say ennything about homewreckin' hoes...


                        • #13
                          or "Thinking With The Wrong Head."


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                            To long of a story to tell but my sister-inlaw. Talk about a witch. Since my brother and her are separated but not divorced I actually have a relationship with him & my nephews again. Now if I could only get her out of the family, and get her hooked up with some other sucker to marry her, that way she can't taint the family name we all would be grateful. There are few people I hate in this world except for her and the POTUS.


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                              Small game sportsman,
                              You are going to h$ll. lol




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