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That soccer referee in Utah who was punched by a 17-year-old goalie has died. How should this incident be treated and what shoul

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    I researched this incident a little more. As much as that is possible using only the media. One thing that stood out was the Referee had suffered broken ribs in a separate incident. His family had also begged him to stop refereeing. This tells me one thing there weren't a lot of Soccer Mom's on the perimeter and this was a means of Gang Intervention. The Referee was obviously a good man that thought he could save some violent kids. I will not speak ill of the dead or quote the statistics of success. My middle son counseled some kids in Massachusetts 10 to 15 years from single parent homes charges short of homicide. Me and his Mom having grown up in the city; gave him our read on the success of this program. He escaped unscathed and more street wise. If there is any good in this story it's teach your kids young and early and know who they "hang with".




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