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That ceviche question made me think of new and different foods. I am going to try smoked gar this summer. The way I saw it done

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  • That ceviche question made me think of new and different foods. I am going to try smoked gar this summer. The way I saw it done

    That ceviche question made me think of new and different foods. I am going to try smoked gar this summer. The way I saw it done was gutted and smoked. Then split down the back and pick the meat out. I also would like try an armadilo. That I would boil for a while then grilled or fried. Me and my sons like to try wierd stuff. Watching too much Bizzare Foods I guess lol. Any tips or advice and what are some strange foods yall have tried,liked or disliked?

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    I really liked fried mullet roe. Yellow and White. I prefer the white if you can get over the thought of what it is. That would be sperm by the way. I could eat myself silly on it.


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      Armadillos are very tasty. Fifty million buzzards can't be wrong:-)
      Armadillos are widely eaten in some parts of Mexico and all over South America. They were eaten in this country during the Great Depression, when they were known as "Hoover Hogs."
      Bon appetit.


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        Snapping turtle stew. I can go into details on catching and cooking them if your interested.


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          turtle soup is good!
          Grilled snake is too!

          But what I found surprising is the reaction many people have when I tell them about the dishes I grew up eating such as cow's tongue, hog maugh (stuff pig's stomach with rice, sausage, green onions, spices), "puddin" (boiled seasoned mix of pig scraps), and scrapple (pig scraps, usually eaten for breakfast). Now that's good eaten!

          BTW - cow's tongue when skinned and cooked right tastes like the best roast beef you have ever had.


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            I am with you on tongue. Slap that stuff on good rye bread with some horseradish and mustard and I am in heaven!

            I eat a lot of organ meats - liver, obviously, but also kidney and heart. I really like steak and kidney pie. I have tried using intestines as my own sausage casing, but it was so much work to clean them that I have gone back to using the store bought stuff.

            I am also big on roasted bone marrow, but it just occurred to me that I have never used wild game bones, just beef. A real delicacy.

            I love some fried pork brains, too, though I guess we shouldn't eat deer brains because of CWD.


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              I think the worst thing I have had was muktuk (whale blubber). It has the consistency of the strip of fat you find on a ribeye, but tastes fishy.


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                GERG, Gar has some nice big flakes of meat that bake, fry, and smoke well. When smoking it though do not try to take it too far and dry out the meat. I cut the scales off like the picture in my profile of cleaning carp and leave the skin on the flesh. I also cut the tederloins off the back just like the pictures in my profile. Then I place the meat skin down in the smoker with salt and plenty of course ground black pepper as seasoning on the upper surface. If you dry the meat out too much during smoking, it becomes chewy and loses flavor. I never get gar small enough to just split and put in the smoker. I get most of my gar bow fishing and they are alligator gar in mostly the three to four foot range. As to the mullet roe I love it too. Also yellow mullet roe is darn good pickled.


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                  I don't know how many know, and I'm trying to be an "alarmist",.....
                  BUT!..... you are all aware the armadillo is the only "known" carrier of the virus the causes leprosy aren't you?
                  Yes, I've eaten "possum on the half-shell"! It was absolutely delicious!
                  Hulled out and cooked whole on a grill, we all thought we were eating a small feral hog!
                  The armadillo reportedly has eleven "types" of meat, ala light/dark chicken.
                  Rattlesnake is delish mealed and fried like fish.

                  The MOST disgusting garbage I ever tried to choke down was some "fish gravy" when I was a kid. Bleeeeh!


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                    In the bush I've eaten fresh salmon eggs and wild crane. Okay, but wouldn't eat either of them again.

                    Ate (or tried to) eat fried roe in a restaurant (don't remember what kind of fish) and couldn't stand it.

                    Fresh caught tuna right on the boat that you don't even need teeth for...!! Delicious...yum.

                    Someone's first attempt at canning venison (decades ago)...YUK. Couldn't be eaten.


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                      The Scottish have a dish called haggis, which consists of a sheep's stomach filled with its heart,liver and lungs, minced with onions and spices and boiled for hours.
                      The ingredients are something you might expect to find in the garbage pail behind a butcher shop.


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                        I am sure the recipe for haggis is one of the reasons for the Scots reputation for never wasting anything. Saving grace is it is traditionally served with the drink Athol Brose, as I recall made with cream, honey, an egg, oat brie, and delueted with a bottle or so of whiskey. Garnished with nutmeg, it makes the haggis, well....eatable.
                        I have mentioned before one of the most bizarre treats I have eaten was sweet sour hyena. The sweet sour sauce was not bad.


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                          I grew up eating both kinds mullet and other fish roe, pig brains, head cheese, pig feet, beef tripe, turtles and chitlings but never tried snake, coon, possum or dillo. On a pig (or steer) we ate everything but the squeal.
                          Happy you are a better man than me. No way I eat a hyena.




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