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One time last winter my cousin and I were hunting squirrels in my grandfathers woods. They have an anti hunting neighbor and whi

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    And just to clear the air- the only reason I have a friend with posted property is because my father built his house and barn. Shortly after his house was built a young kid tragically was killed on an ATV which was allowed to be used on his property. The kids family sued him very heavily, and it forced him to post his land to prevent further lawsuits. Typically I don't do well with the "posting type" and yes, I am stereotyping, which I do quite often.


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      Yesss...who says that skunks must den underground anyway, eh...??

      There's never a bucket of hand grenades around when you need 'em, is there?

      I would opine that it would be harassment on a grand scale, and to by whatever (more or less) legal means see that it never happened again.




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