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This has nothing to do with politics or hunting please read first comment, and give me some feed back based on your experiences

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  • This has nothing to do with politics or hunting please read first comment, and give me some feed back based on your experiences

    This has nothing to do with politics or hunting please read first comment, and give me some feed back based on your experiences or knowledge of the situation.

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    As some of you already know my daughter has multiple heart conditions, and she is doing very well by the way. One of her heart conditions can be hereditary so my wife and I went and got test at Cincinnati Children's Hospital were my daughters doctors are located. We both fortunately do not have what she has, but they however found that I have a "Dilated Aortic Root". Her doctor is taking me on as a patient there because they also see adults at the Cinci Children's, but I have to wait until June 27 to see him, which is ok because he is the best in the USA for basically all things heart related. Here's my issue I broke my number one rule about the internet and started researching what it was, and now it has me freaked out I'm only 31 with a ticking time bomb in my chest! So have any of you or your immediate family members been diagnosed with this? What was the results? When did you have surgery? Was it open heart procedure? Any and all info would be great from those who have personal experience with this. Thanks!


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      No, but will pray for you and your daughter's full recovery and health!


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        Cleveland Clinic is #1 in the country for heart problems if you want a second opinion.


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          Thanks Wam!

          Jhjimbo, I'm very comfortable with my daughters doctors and their skills and knowledge. My problem is I have to wait for 3 months to see them. They said it's not serious at this point, but when you tell someone they have a life threatening heart issue based off of what I read and tell them it's not serious it doesn't sit good with that person. I want to know right now! Patience is a virtue they say, but I could careless about virtue at this point!

          I just want too here from someone that has had to deal with this personally themselves or immediate family member to see what they all had to go through.


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            Dcast, talk to the doctor. I'm sure he wouldn't have you wait that long if it was any kind of an emergency situation. Keep us posted and my thoughts will be with you and your family.


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              Good luck Dcast. Cardiac problems seem to take forever. I've been working on my newfound heart problem since last Oct.


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                I could talk about my sad tragic experiences with my son's conditions and doctors waiting but that just isn't fair. You have something entirely different and there's nothing productive about making comparisons of situations that are not comparable. Seems like you have enough sense to know that.

                However, I do recommend that you obtain a second opinion. I have no doubt that this fellow at Cleveland is the best or one of the best but you seem to need some peace of mind. Contact them and ask them to help you get a second opinion and the reasons why. Most good physicians are not so proud that they wouldn't understand the unhealthy consequences of not having peace of mind. THAT I can attest to. When my eyes first started falling apart the anxiety of not knowing how long I would be able to see nearly destroyed our family. Whatever it costs, get some peace of mind. Good luck. A lot of us are in your corner and anytime you need to talk about this, don't hesitate to come here. Matter of fact, now that you have put me in the loop I'm liable to get downright snoopy. Please keep us informed about your daughter's progress too.


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                  I have never heard of this but I wish the best of luck to both of you and a speedy recovery.


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                    I know what you are going through. My four month old son has multiple issues with his heart. He has a VSD and transposition of the great vessels. My wife and I both checked out O.K. though. Thankfully I live about 30 mins from the Cleveland Clinic and Rainbow Babies. A doctor that we know from the clinic actually told us Rainbow is the best place to be. I was not aware of your daughter condition. I will keep you both in my prayers.


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                      We ALL have that "ticking" time bomb! NO ONE knows when the alarm will go off.
                      Apparently, up to this point, you've been unaware of this "condition".
                      First, your age is on your side.
                      Next, apparently (by your distant appt.) the condition is treatable.
                      I'd say you're in pretty good shape.
                      Regardless of the physician's skill and abilities, get at least one more opinion!

                      No. 1 - Do what your doctor tells you!
                      No. 2 -Understand your limitations. Operate within those limits. Work to expand those limitations!


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                        Hang in there, Dcast.

                        I will pray for you and your family tonight, before I go to bed.


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                          BTW! Dcast! Just one more prayer list you're on!


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                            Well, at least you found out about it now when its not a problem instead of when it is a problem. I'd try to look at it as a positive that it was caught early. Sorry to hear about your daughter's condition.


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                              this is my thought on the subject. sorry it is so long and a little abstract but it was a letter i wrote to a friend who asked about death and thought it would fit this situation.

                              When asked if I fear dying I say “no” without hesitation. All due to one small saying that has changed my life. Death has become not an end but the greatest beginning of all time. A dying man once told me “I do not fear death just not living”. Nothing more said on the topic. Just of the day outside of a deathbed. As he breathed for the last time less the 48 hour later those words rung in my ears. “I do not fear death just not living” such a simple sentence that holds meaning beyond the comprehension of the living or maybe just the surviving.

                              At birth there is innocence aplenty and life is budding. Death is so far it seems as though it may never come. But time is cruel. As years pass age stops becoming but a number. Days turn to night; friends come and go, love waxes and wanes just as the moon, and loved one’s pass from this world. As the days pass by, each one a little darker then the last.

                              We must find what we must hold on to, what lights the darkness. The little flame of a candle can light a whole room. Just like the flame of love lights one’s very soul. It burns bright with love, friendship, and life. This flame has only one extinguisher. One that none of us know. All the while the surviving candle burns low despite and abundance of wax.

                              “I do not fear death just not living” what does that mean to you? Posed to the mother of a dear friend taken far to early. It promotes talk of a life unfinished; hopes, dreams, memories, plans, and the future. When a tragic disaster blows out the candle, we talk of the wax left and the flame that should have burnt for many of years. We talk about how bright it was and the light that it gave off. The extinguishing of that light changes all whom it once touched. It makes candles burn brighter and brighter. The surviving candle burns brighter than ever thought possible.

                              As time passes one finds their way in life. Finds god, friends, love and a family. We find people to cry, hurt, smile, laugh and live life with. The flame moves, changes, grows, and burns white hot with a soul.

                              “I do not fear death just not living” what does this mean to you? Posed to a man of god whose candle is steadily dwindling. A man who loves others no matter their past, where they came from, who they know, rich or poor. Someone who even while dying can live for others. The question promotes talk of faith, loved ones, laying down your life, and loving without prejudice. We speak of not being able to protect loved ones once you’re gone, and not being apart of lives. A few short months later as his candle finally burns out.

                              “I do not fear death just not living” I fear not being around for the ones I love, not watching friend and family grow old, not watching boys and girls become men and women, not loving without prejudice, not watching dreams come true, not protecting loved ones. I have come to fear many things but death is not one of them.

                              In moving memory of
                              MAS. Father and friend, AJM Brother in life, mischief, and death TG Friend and man of God




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