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Do you guys consider bass fishing a sport. I am in a dicussion with a friend who says fishing is not a sport, but he thinks hunt

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    Catch and release fishing is a sport. I never understood it. Serious fishing is for meat, whether with set lines, rod and reel, nets, trot-lines, etc. Big fish to eat, small fish for bait.
    When your friend tells me how to catch and release hunt, I will consider that a sport.
    I hunt and fish for meat.


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      well a good point would be the strategy in the sport. in football you establish a run game or in baseball you do a lot of hit and runs. bass fishing is no different you have to decide depth, lure style, color, area to fish and many other factors.


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        It is our human nature to overcome challenges , to prove the best in ourselves , to ourselves or to best someone else , proving our skill best above all others .

        There are team sports and individual sports.Team sports such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer etc. ( and not particularly in that order ) are worldly recognized and organized and competed internationally in games as the olympics . These are the modern day sports , that came within or just beyond the last century. Then there are Individual that date back much further such as tennis and golf and others.

        Most individual sports derive from or have origins in feats of strength , speed and agility , display of skill in the art of combat against not so much a rival but an opponent such as wresting, weight lifting, fencing, the martial arts and boxing.
        To those of skill and will of survival against nature and the environment such as
        The triathlon, running swimming, diving, archery , shooting .

        Archery and shooting ? not so much athletic but sport made of the display of the skill of combat and a means of survival and to feed oneself and family . competition and sport of the skill without the kill, preserving life .

        Such as has been made the sport of angling ( fishing ) not by catching for sustaining oneself but sport made of the skill attained to target , capture and releasing unharmed , protecting targeted sport fish species and it's environment , appreciating and preserving it for generations to follow.

        Yes , I would consider catch and release fishing definitely a sport .




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