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Anyone have a good bear story? Here's one of mine..... Back in 1986 I was stationed in Alaska near Fairbanks. On a tip from a f

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  • Anyone have a good bear story? Here's one of mine..... Back in 1986 I was stationed in Alaska near Fairbanks. On a tip from a f

    Anyone have a good bear story? Here's one of mine..... Back in 1986 I was stationed in Alaska near Fairbanks. On a tip from a friend I drove out along the Chatanika river to a log cabin near the highway. There I met an old timer that was a retired hunting guide. His name is long since forgotten but he was an amazing man. At 89 years old he looked maybe 70 and he had packed a huge amount of living into those years. The old timer showed me his discharge from the Army after serving as a Sergeant in WW1. It was signed by Ltc Dwight D. Eisenhower. Anyway the old man told me a great bear srory. One day he heard a Raven making a fuss near the River which was about 100 yds down a footpath from the cabin's back door. Taking his old Springfield 30-06 he headed down to the river. There he found a dead cow moose some road poacher had shot. She had washed up on a gravel bar. He notified Fish and Game they cut the cow open to confirm the reason for death and left it there. Two days later he heard the Ravens start raising a ruckus so he headed back out with his rifle to investigate. The first river channel the trail crossed was dry and only had water when it flooded. Our guy stopped behind a bush and looked upstream to see a young Black bear walking down the stream bed. Thinking great he waited for the double lung shot. Just as he was about to shoot there came a roar from across the channel bed and a huge Grizzly burst from the willows and grabbed this black bear shaking him like a terrier with a rat. The blackie squalled like a screaming child. Grizz turned him loose and he ran back up the creekbed squalling all the way out of sight. The big Grizz turned around and went back to his kill. Our friend badly shaken returned to his cabin glad he didn't walk into that big bear. Couple days later the old timer heard an airplane go by then circle several times and leave. Couple hours later a car parked down the highway and several hunters entered the woods. Shortly after that came a fulisade of shots down by the river. These heros left shortly after and the old man went to have another look. He found the bear had moved that full grown cow into the willow brush and eaten his fill then covered it with leaves and dirt. There was no sign of the bear being hurt. He believes the bear got away.

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    Del, would you believe that I met that very same man? I believe he is gone now, but the cabin is still there and I pass it on my way to my moose camp..

    my bear story also occurred on the Chatanika (lots of bear out there...

    It was '99 moose season and my brothers and I had been hunting hard...we had knocked down a small meat bull a couple days before the incident Ill describe...

    As we were packing out meat one morning, we cut our trail on a sandbar and discovered fresh grizz tracks paralleling ours...we didnt see the bear but knew he was in the area, no big deal...well, my brothers headed back to Fairbanks with a truck load of meat, leaving me alone at camp with my dog...I wasnt too worried about grizzlies, its just part of living in Alaska...

    That afternoon, I crossed the river and made my way to a nearby beaver pond where I planned to sit for the evening and do some moose calling...I got settled in and was waiting for the woods to quiet down when a god-awful, blood-chilling ROOOOOAAAAARRRR broke out!!!
    I was literally frozen to the ground for a second and could NOT tell where the roaring was coming from...It seemed to come from all around me and reverberated through the trees so loudly that the LEAVES STARTED FALLING OFF THE TREES!!! the roaring went on for a couple of minutes as I began a very careful retreat to where I had better visibility...As the roaring finally began to fade and echo, a chorus of wolves broke in and my dog began to bark back at camp, maybe a mile away...I decided that I would ease my way back to camp...this bear wasnt fooling and I figured camp was a good place to be

    As I crossed the river heading back to camp, a deep WOOOF came from behind me, I whirled to see that grizz pacing the cutbank trying to find a way down to the water, (I just knew that bast*rd was coming for me)...I backed my way across the river with rifle leveled and took up a defilade and waited...That bear was pissed! he threw a tantrum and tore down trees, threw logs in the river, all the while roaring, huffing amd snapping his teeth...he made it crystal clear that I was NOT welcome in HIS woods! I debated whether or not to run back to town and get a grizz tag but decided Id had enough excitement for the day...I spent a long night alone at camp, morning couldnt come soon enough...never did see that bear again and havnt had any problems since at that camp...


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      Ages ago, I was on my first bear hunt for Alaskan Brown down on the Peninsula, near Polly Creek. We were on snow shoes looking for Spring bear.

      From a ridge, we glassed a big boar laying beside a dead moose he had drug on top of a beaver dam. When we got down in flats the alders were taller than they had looked from on high, and the many winding streams and beaver activity made finding the bear difficult. My guide was in front, I frequently look behind, a habit from Mule deer hunting, and staring at us from below a bank was the bear his neck hair was standing straight out, and he charged.

      I remember deciding I had time to kneel for the shot, and thinking don"t fall off the snowshoes. The guide was staring ahead, and at my shot yelled don't shoot it may be the wrong one! When he turned and saw the bear down and thrashing around in the snow. I thought he would have a heart attack.

      Earlier in the trip he had sort of snickered at my bringing a 375. While we were field dressing he laughed and said "damn I'm glad you had that cannon".

      We radioed for a ski planeto pick up the hide. The pilot said he spotted the dead moose and our tracks and those of the bear. We had just missed the beaver dam and the bear had followed us for over 100 yards. He either planned on adding us to his meat pile or was going to make sure we didn't steal it.


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        The bear dropped 15 snowshoe steps in front of my barrel


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          Great stories both!!!!


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            Happy, was that a large boar? How big was the hide?


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              I was very lucky. As you know, they don't score bears by by squaring the hide, but his skull, despite being broken in front and back would have put him well up in the
              B& C. When we got back to base camp there was a lovely lady who had some tough luck killing a bear, it was her second trip. Her bear was smaller than mine, and the killing had added some embarrassment for her.

              I told my guide not to put my hide next to the one she had shot, but he did so anyway to show off. His behavior cost him when he got his tip.As I've stated before, I don't enter trophies in the record books.....Well, if I ever get a world record, my standards might be more flexible.

              Oh, the hide was over ten feet. The standing mount is over ten feet.



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                Great story happy and a huge bear. Sounds like you hit him in the head with that big rifle. You know most of the guides I knew carried a 375. A warrant officer I knew was hunting with a friend on Afognak and they stalked a large boar. Just as the guy fired his 375 the bear winded them and stood up. Hit in the chest it charged from about 80 yards. My friend was shooting a 300 Win loaded with 200 grain nosler Partitions. He said they both emptied their rifles finally dropping the bear at arms reach. He said that bear's chest was shot to pieces. Not one shot missed. Gave him the scare of his life.


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                  When my oldest was 2 I took him camping in the spring. He kept asking all the way into the woods if we were going bear huntin'. Bear season was open, but I had no plans to actually try and bear hunt with a 2 year old in tow, but kept telling him we were going Bear Huntin' just to humor him. After setting up camp I took him for a little stroll down an old logging road to entertain him, and low in behold as we rounded a bend there stood a Black Bear eating grass. I had my .243 with me, more in case of seeing a coyote or other varmints, but quickly took a knee and tucked my 2 year old in behind me. As he whispered "shoot it daddy" in my ear I put one in its bread basket. I was worried it might freak him out (he was into watching Bambi at the time) but instead he thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was a small bear, 150 pounds or so, but you can't pass up a opportunity like that, since now he has a life story about him and daddy taking a bear when he was 2 (he tells it all the time). I had it rugged and it hangs in his room, one of his proudest possessions, pics of it on my profile...


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                    Awesome story Happy!


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                      Awesome story Happy!


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                        Awesome story Happy!




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