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Here is a question for those of you who live in Wyoming. What is the wheather like in Wyoming during each season?

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  • Drover1
    Summer: Warm and windy. Winter: Cold and windy. Spring and fall: A mix of warm and cold (and windy). Higher elevation equals colder temperatures in any season. (I don’t live in Wyo., but I’m close to the state line in Colo.)

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  • krwheeler
    I've been out of Wyoming for two years, but I lived up there for 15 plus years and started hunting up there.

    I only saw it snow on opening day of deer/elk season (usually Oct 1) once or twice. However, we did take the whole family up for deer camp, one year, and it started to snow in the middle of the week. We didn't have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, so we beat a hasty retreat.

    Antelope season starts in the last third of the month of September, and the weather is still pretty mild. The last time that I was able to get an antelope, my son got his at around 9:00 AM and we were still wearing jackets. I got mine around 10:00 AM and we were down to t-shirts. For several years before we left Wyoming, it was too warm to hang our antelope for any length of time in a shed or garage.

    Bow season starts in mid- to late-August, and you can hunt in a good shirt.

    Weather in the Rockies is sketchy at best, and you can't trust the forecast for any length of time. In our neck of the woods, it snowed in Rawlins and Casper, but it was bright and clear in Laramie - or it has also happened the other way around. The Rockies plays havoc with the Jet Stream.

    The one thing that you can count on is the wind. It is never less than 30 miles per hour, and it shuts down traffic on I-80 when the gusts hit 55 mph. And it blows every day of the year. Calm days are a rare thing, but most common in August or September.

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  • Here is a question for those of you who live in Wyoming. What is the wheather like in Wyoming during each season?

    Here is a question for those of you who live in Wyoming. What is the wheather like in Wyoming during each season?



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