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My buddy who hunts turkeys and already got one this year has offered to try to call one in for me. I have never hunted turkey be

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  • My buddy who hunts turkeys and already got one this year has offered to try to call one in for me. I have never hunted turkey be

    My buddy who hunts turkeys and already got one this year has offered to try to call one in for me. I have never hunted turkey before and will be using my bow with G5 Montec broadheads. I was hoping to get some advice on strategy aand tactics. What's the good word?

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    Turkeys are extremely sharp eyed. It is much easier to draw your bow on a deer. Best way to avoid being seen is a high quality blind the birds can't see through. The kill zone is about the size of a softball. The best shot is with the bird facing away shoot right thru his back about 2-3 inches below the neck. Keep in mind if you break a wing he will run away and Jim Thorpe couldn't catch him. Break a leg and he will fly away. I have taken 2 gobblers with a bow and it is a challenge. If you click my name there is a photo of a gobbler with 5 beards I took with an arrow while bowhunting whitetails in my profile photos.


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      del. if you a break a turkeys leg it can't must first run before flying.


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        Thanks Del, I was hoping you would share some of your expertise. Unfortunately a blind isn't in the budget this year. My friend does have some decoys. My initial thought was to position my friend behind and to the side and see if the birds wouldn't concentrate on him. We also talked about trying to build as decent a brush blind as possible. I have seen these folding screen deals that partially conceal the hunter. Are they worth it or is it money down the drain? I am not going with much expectation of success but just to get out in the woods and hopefully see some birds up close. If I get one it would be awesome but I won't be bummed if I don't. I know there is a major learning curve here.


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          First of all, good luck. I figure if a person takes a turkey with a bow then he's accomplished one of the greatest challanges in the hunting world.

          If you are hunting from a blind face your single hen decoy directly at you. The gobbler will approach and stand in front of the hen to strut while facing the hen decoy. When the fan is spread covering the face draw and shoot the bird directly in the rear end.

          If you are not hunting with a blind I would suggest several things. First of all a mouth call is a must. Second, still face the decoy directly at you. The gobbler will still naturally get in front of the decoy and face it. At that time while it is looking away draw and shoot. I let off the weight of my bow for turkey. I find I am able to hold back longer if necessary and still blow through the bird.

          Your broadhead choice is good. I've had my best luck with head shots. Not an easy task with an arrow. I've lost a few birds I have shot in the body. Turkeys are large but the kill zones are small. It's too hard to explain where the kill zones are. You might find a website that explains that. I do know that the "shot at the center of mass" theory is wrong.

          Again. Goodluck and take plenty of arrows. I've been able to call the same turkey back three times after missed shots.


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            One more thing,
            Practice shooting your bow from your knees and do not release until after you've held it back for a few minutes. That's about as natural practice you can get.


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              Thanks to you too, buckhunter, we must have been writing at the same time as I didn't see your post before I started. I will take the advice to heart, hopefully to a turkey's! I can hit the head of a turkey target pretty consistently at 20 yds at the range but I know the field is a different story.


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                Reid, have you ever caught one with a broken leg? Not being smart just curious. Actually think I read somewhere they can't fly with broken leg but have not had that experience.
                Chuckles, buckhunter gave you some very goodadvice. It's not impossible to draw on a bird without a blind just hard. If you can do it while the head is down or behind a tree or something. Like buckhunter said use less weight on the bow so you can draw early and hold the draw until a shot is presented. Good camo is a must as is being absolutely still in the presence of a turkey. Brush blind might work just make sure there is no back light showing thru. Hope this helps.


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                  Agreed with buckhunter and + 1 for you sir!!!




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