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The tribes in Montana recently debated a bill in congress that would allow BLM land Bison to roam free, and as such be freely hu

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  • The tribes in Montana recently debated a bill in congress that would allow BLM land Bison to roam free, and as such be freely hu

    The tribes in Montana recently debated a bill in congress that would allow BLM land Bison to roam free, and as such be freely hunted by tribal members. Other hutners could put in and druring hunting season. This has sparked a lot of controversy in the state, what say you fellow hunters about how to control Bison if you had them in your state?

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    I have no problem with Native Americans having special hunting privileges with free-roaming bison. They have been known to abuse the privilege with caribou in Alaska, however, where they used to kill them in great numbers for dog food.


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      Bison are grazers and compete directly with cattle grazing rights. I know ranchers get upset with the bison competing for food on the public ground they lease.

      Indians can do what they want on their reservation ground but should have to wait their turn just like everyone else for hunting BLM, national forests, state trust ground, etc.....


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        Bison proposal for CMR and other land in Eastern Montana is just plain idiotic. If they go ahead with that foolishness it will kill the block management program overnight. That would be the worst case scenario for the future of public hunting in Montana and perhaps the US. Why fool around with the best thing going just for the sake of some silly crap shoot romantic scheme. Yeah, I'd like to turn back the clock to 19th century ... and I'd like to travel to another solar system too. Not much chance of that.

        One thing we should have learned from the wolf reintroduction: it's almost impossible to step backwards once you have stepped into a pile of sh*t like that. If the buffalo experiment doesn't work out (and it can't!), then what? Do you think for one minute all the bleeding hearts in this country would stand by and let them be removed? Of course not! Don't go experimenting if there's no way out should it fail.


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          The Indians have treaty rights giving universal hunting on their reservations only. If they want to claim the same hunting rights off the reservations they're going to have to renegotiate their treaties. Yessss! We've been trying to get them to do that for a hundred years! I guarantee you they WON'T agree to reopen their treaties. So that one is a moot issue, tneal. Isn't going to happen.


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            The one thing that most ppl forget is that they can hunt freely only on tribal ground. Not anywhere within the reservation. As of now the crow res. Is about 49 percent owned by nontribal members. Makes it a tough debate.




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