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What is your ideal baitcasting setup for pitching/flipping, cranking and an all around setup for throwing spinnerbaits, swimbait

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  • What is your ideal baitcasting setup for pitching/flipping, cranking and an all around setup for throwing spinnerbaits, swimbait

    What is your ideal baitcasting setup for pitching/flipping, cranking and an all around setup for throwing spinnerbaits, swimbaits ect. Just for clarification thats 3 different setups im asking for. Asking for rod length, rod action, stiffness/softness ect. Reel gear ratio, ball bearings ect. Lastly why would this be an ideal setup?

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    forgot line size as well.


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      I am currently using several reels and rods made by Lynn Reeves of the new Lew's brand. I have found them to be of very high quality and work well under all the conditions I have put them under, and would gladly recommend them for bass fishing. I have a Lew's TLP1SH 7.1:1 , a TlG1SH 7.1:1, and a BB1SHZ 7.1:1 reel. I tried them all on TLCA66MF, TLCA66MHF, and TLCA66MLF rods one at a time. They all worked well for my fishing. The TLCA66MF was the best all round rod because I could work top water lures, worms and even spinnerbaits with it. The TLCA66MHF worked excellent just for worm fishing. The TLCA66MLF gave me the best casting distance with the lighter jigs and spinners, but was not as easy to set a hook with. I do not really like a rod that is 6'6" long for bass fishing because I make so many casts in a day and I am more accurate with a shorter rod. Accuracy in casting lets me get the lure to exactly where I think the fish is lurking and then quickly retrieve the lure and cast again. You are only fishing when the lure is wet and you do not have to cast great distances most of the time when fishing from a boat. Thus a lot of shorter rapid casts lets you cover more area in the shortest time. I even keep at least six rods at my feet pre-rigged with different baits so that I can present several different baits to one spot where I think a fish is just waiting before I move on to the next spot. I am more comfortable using rods that have been cut back to 5'2" for bass fishing from a boat. One nice side advantage of the short rod especially in the hands of the person in the rear seat, is that the person in the front seat does not get hit in the back of the head near as often from wild casts. I like a soft mono for most of my bass fishing. I have bass fished with mono since the late sixties and it was hard for me to change over to braid. I only use the braid now for bass fishing when I am Texas rigging worms because it has less stretch when setting hooks and breaks off less in the roots and cover. I used fireline FBF S50-22 on the Lew's Pro reel and it was a good match for the reel. I like Sufix and Stren mono in 12# for most of my spinners and jigs, but I like 17#- 20# Trilene XL for my top water lures.

      Note: I still own and use US Reel SuperCasters and am 100 percent sold on the levelwind system they use. But I also still have some allegiance to the Lew's brand name because I worked for Lew Childre himself back in the early seventies. I was on the team that developed the first BB1 reel and had the dream job of being paid to bass fish and test tackle.


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        for an overall good baitcaster I use a 6'6" abu garcia vengeance w/ a blackmax 2 reel. its medium fast action and a medium heavy rod and its pretty stiff for better fish control




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