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What do you think about sunday hunting? Possibly the only chance will have to turkey hunt this year is on a sunday. What do y

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    I really have no interest in entering a pissing match with you. I have my Mormon beliefs, you have your own beliefs. I just find it shameful that many people have abandoned the old ways of closing stores on Sunday and going to church for what we have today... people who go to church once in a while and treat Sunday like any other day. Now these are just my personal beliefs, and they are rather conservative. Do I think people should be forced to follow them? No, but that doesn't mean that I cannot be disappointed.

    P.S. North Carolina never states the reason for the Sunday hunting ban. If it went to court, NC Wildlife would no doubt claim that the bans were to "Relieve the excessive pressure placed on North Carolina's wildlife." If I were not Mormon, you bet I would be on yall's side. If the sabbath were no issue to me, I would be all for two days of hunting on the weekend. There is no doubt that wives like the Sunday hunting ban. Their husbands hunt Saturday and tackle the Honey-do list on Sunday.

    And to say that we are not a Christian nation is rather misleading. We have God on our money, in our pledge, in our constitution, etc. Does our country have official and official religion? No. Does our country have an official language? No, but everyone assumes it to be English because that is what the mass majority speaks. Same concept for religion.


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      Once again, I apologize for the grammar. It's rather ironic that my grammar suffered because I was rushed by my ever-nosy English teacher who was patrolling the classroom to ensure that I was on task. This blog is far more productive than the BS she's got me doing.


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        BTW Ken, Does your state allow Sunday hunting?


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          I feel closer to God on a mountain top, in the forests, or on a waterway, than I ever have in a man made church. If you are a devote Christian just bring you bible with you and read while sitting in your blind or stand, I am sure from what I know of the Lord he will understand.....I have always seen church as more of a way for people to compete with their neighbor to show who the better Christian is by never missing a service, I for one keep my relationship with God on a personal basis, and find more guidance from him in the quite of the Forest than in the song and noise of a sermon...


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            While you are correct in saying that God is on your money etc. It is never specified which God. It is presumptuous to assume that means the U.S is christian nation.


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              I live in the great white north ( Canada) and in my province ( Ontario) we can hunt on sunday, but not with guns. I don't mind because there is less pressure in the woods, and you can take your bow/x-bow out and still have a good time.


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                There could be more to it than that. Sunday being the one day I get an extra hour, I don't want to hear rifles and shotguns going off. I live in "semi-country", with lots of deer and an odd zoning maze. Part of that here in this part of NC is noise control, not hunting control.

                Now you archers... go for it. I'm fine with that, but no rifles 'til after 9:00 am.


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                  you said:
                  "The government of the good old U.S. of A was formed based on christian beliefs. Part of the christian belief is that Sunday is the sabbath and is therefore a day of rest"

                  -and then-

                  "Now these are just my personal beliefs [...] Do I think people should be forced to follow them? No"

                  So which is it? are you for or against against bans on Sunday hunting? It appears as though you have given it some thought and concluded that forcing your particular beliefs on others is a rather un-christian thing to do.


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                    As for BS excuses like "Relieve the excessive pressure placed on North Carolina's wildlife" and "I don't like to hear rifle shots on Sundays"-
                    (Sorry Jeff, I sympathize with your particular situation)

                    These are BS excuses intended to rationalize the breech of basic constitutional rights. First off, I assure you, the Deer population in most states has too little pressure put on it, not too much.

                    Secondly, doesn't it seem a little too convenient that this "relief" just happens to come on a Sunday? And in states that tend to legislate their religious beliefs?

                    If "relief" is the intent, why not ban hunting on Wednesdays? or Fridays? Ohh, what is that? because barely anyone hunts during the week since they're all at work? So there are already effectively five days of relief? hmmm.... I'm starting to notice a pattern here.

                    Even if the population did need relief, no educated wildlife manager would propose doing it by arbitrarily banning hunting once every seven days! They would lower bag limits, or shorten the season, or issue fewer tags.

                    These excuses hold no water at all.

                    as for Jeff's comment-
                    I empathize with your situation, but what if my one day where I could get an extra hour was Saturday? should the Gov't ban Saturday rifle hunting? ...It might be unfortunate, but its not the government's place to intervene.


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                      I would be quite angry if someone came to me and told me that I wasn't allowed to hunt on a certain day.


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                        Some other notes-

                        I just ran a word search and the word "God" appears exactly zero times in the United States Constitution. You can go to if you want to verify.

                        Some fun facts on the pledge, It was written in 1892 and originally said "One nation, Indivisible". The "under god" was not added until 1954 when the Knights of Columbus put heavy political pressure on then-president Eisenhower. It took several attempts to get it passed in congress, but eventually it did.

                        Not exactly a secret symbol of the founding father's true theocratic intentions huh?

                        Finally, this "Christian Nation" BS is a fine example of political word-engineering and I think most of the people who use it know that. They use the term as a justification for violating people's constitutional rights. They even use it to imply that the government is obligated enforce a particular brand of christian doctrine.

                        Then, when they are confronted just how ludicrous this assertion is, they quickly switch to the other meaning of the phrase. They say that the phrase simply refers to the fact that the majority of Americans are Christians. Of course, this meaning has very different connotations than the the first meaning.

                        This is a rather clever tactic, they can get away blatant attacks on the constitution and then when someone calls them out on it, they simply switch meanings and get off scott-free. The media lets it slide waaaay too often.


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                          I dont have anything against people that hunt on sunday. But for me sunday is kind of like a family day.


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                            I have no interest in speaking further with you. My state does not allow hunting on Sunday and I am fine with it. You ask for my opinion and then shoot me down for it. You seem to have some sort of complexion that forces you to stir the pot so that you can argue just for the sake of argument. Are you trying to display some sort of superior intellectualism? Honestly, few people take the time to even read your long windbag posts about this and that. I think that many on this blog will agree that you stir up controversial topics just so that you can sit and argue and tell other people their opinion is wrong. I will no longer be a part of this braying match. Good day sir.


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                              ...I think that means I win


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                                You might be fine with not hunting on Sunday, but others are not. For some, Sunday might be the only day they can get out there. So what, screw them?




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