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I am a glutton for hunting and war stories. Here is your chance to tell one or two. Clay Cooper surely you have something excit

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  • Del in KS
    T-hunden that was a good one LMAO.

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  • Del in KS
    When a new replacement soldier arrived at the 101st AbnDiv in 'Nam the first thing he did was go to a weeklong incountry orientation at camp Evans. One of my friends from Ft. Benning arrived about a week before me. His 2nd night in country he was on guard duty along the bunkerline. All our bases were ringed with a perimeter of bunkers with concertina wire and other obstacles to prevent enemy infiltration. NVA Sappers were highly trained soldiers that would crawl thru the wire at night dragging a satchel charge to blow ammo, artillery or other high value targets. On the night in question a sapper was crawling thru the wire in the wee hours. My friend spotted the dink when a flare popped overhead. He opened fire and got his first KIA. Other Cherries on the line opened fire for what turned out to be a waste of ammo. Also they killed 2 of our own when one man accidently shot another in the back and a M203 grenade fragment hit a fellow in his temple.

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  • teufelhunden
    My first night in a combat zone, we were getting shelled sporadically. Having been told to expect this I had dug the fighting hole to end all fighting holes. At least 10' deep we had to build a step just to see out. we covered the top with a thin sheet of plywood, sandbags and vegetation. I took the first two hour watch while my holemate slept. After my two hours I awoke him and we swapped. Exhausted I drifted off cringing to the sounds of explosions. My partner, exhausted as well, drifted off while on watch.

    Sometime in the middle of the night our platoon Sgt was making his rounds checking our defenses. Our hole was hidden extremely well and he walked onto the top of the plywood, which did not hold. So he, plywood, sandbags, and vegetation came crashing down in the middle of my chest. I thought it was a direct hit, I am sure I was screaming like a girl, because he was as well.

    That was my first experience with combat.

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  • I am a glutton for hunting and war stories. Here is your chance to tell one or two. Clay Cooper surely you have something excit

    I am a glutton for hunting and war stories. Here is your chance to tell one or two. Clay Cooper surely you have something exciting to tell. Happy I know you have many more for us. Beekeeper, Ishawooa, Jim in Mo, Big O. Sorry if I missed anyone. Please tell your story here. Maybe I can some up with another one too!



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