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I am a glutton for hunting and war stories. Here is your chance to tell one or two. Clay Cooper surely you have something excit

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    All good stories men. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    This morning the gobbler Billy named Obama fell. The story is posted on the blog for 20 guage turkey guns. Photos are in my photo file. Just click my username. Don't forget the thumbs up if U like the pic!


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      I once had fun landing in a C-130 on an Alaskan gravel strip at night. Also rappelled out of a chopper in RVN.


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        Del in Ks,
        I really don't like to talk about my divorce. The Korean conflict was nothing compared to it.


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          I was stationed at Kadena Japan and working in Flight Line Maintenance Operations Control when Korean Airline Flight 007 was shot down.

          All hell broke loose and we all thought this was it!

          We scrambled the entire fleet of F4’s and F15s to our forward operation location so fast breaking all records. According to Intel, it literally scared the crap out of the Russians!




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            High cost of ammo
            High cost of loading components
            COVID-19 (again!)

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