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They just said on tv that a black lab saved 2 people from a mountain lion attack in California. What will it take for those peop

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  • They just said on tv that a black lab saved 2 people from a mountain lion attack in California. What will it take for those peop

    They just said on tv that a black lab saved 2 people from a mountain lion attack in California. What will it take for those people to make lion hunting legal again?

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    I just saw a thing one a "celebrity's" dog being taken by a coyote there too.
    But they don't care, I think it would take(GOD FORBID), several children being taken, and then the'll just go after the one that does it instead of thinning them out. You know to them(cats) we're just two legged deer that can't run that fast.


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      They probably never will Del. They are up to their ears in breakfast cereal (fruits,nuts,and flakes). It is a shame too because California is a beautiful state, in addition to the time I spent in southern California in the San Diego/Camp Pendelton area, I have spent time with my Dad in the Barstow area as well as the northeastern part around Bridgeport and Yosemite area's. I have never been to a state where the voices of so many good, reasonable people are drowned out by the screaming leftists.


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        Unfortunately California is the Home of the most irrational group of leftists immaginable. Animals are more important than people, have more rights there.


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          Why Del would you ask? Those folks know that humans do nothing but intervene the wildlife's territory and we are a bother. What a joke!
          It makes me sick and as many times as I've been there to visit my friend it's so hard to hold my tongue, as you may know.


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            It would take a mountain lion eating a politician but they taste like snake oil and BS so most cats have better sense.


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              i don't believe in mountain lion hunting too much. it's kinda like shooting a pheasant off the ground. you drive up in ur truck, roll down the window, and pop the thing like it was meant to happen. relating to mountain lion hunting, you tree it with ur dogs, you walk up to the tree, and shoot it from 25 yards. doesn't seem right to me.


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                I know that everyone assumes that hunting a predator will strengthen that predator's "fear of man". It just doesn't seem that obvious to me. Does anyone know of any scientific studies that conclude this?

                Obviously if you set up a hunting program to dramatically reduce predator populations below their natural levels, density will go down, and so will encounters with humans. This is not really what I'm talking about.

                If you assume that a hunting program allows the predator to maintain healthy population levels, then will it reduce attacks? Its an interesting question, and I'm not saying I know the answer to it.

                I can think it through though:

                It seems to me that there would be two possible reasons:

                1)Individuals "learn" to fear people

                This seems highly unlikely since any individual that "learns" that humans should be feared is killed before he has the opportunity to pass that information along.

                2)The members of the population who don't fear humans would be weeded out, leaving only ones that do.

                This seems more likely, sort of an evolutionary approach. It is however based on the assumption that most of the individuals taken by hunters are taken because they weren't afraid of man. Most kills don't exactly happen when a lion strolls up to a hunter while he is walking through the woods. So, this too seems rather unlikely.

                What do you think?


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                  IDK its retarded that they dont legalize it. But I probobly wouldnt go. well maybe I wouuld a couple of times.......ok i would go.


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                    Have you ever hunted mountain lion? You know not of which you speak young man... Maybe if got away from a key board and actually participated you wouldn't be quite so opinionated...


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                      Mr. McCloud,

                      The problem with large predators, especially those that are largely loners (females with cubs being the exception) is that they don't commune with a pack or pride, thus the pride does not collectively learn of danger from experience, much as a young child does by touching a hot stove. You are correct in your assumption the these cats must have some learning experience to convince them humans can inflict bodily harm. If I understand your questions(s) correctly, the mere fact that you would assume that they would some how "communicate" suggests anthropomorphic qualities that such animals simply do not posess.

                      These big cats as a matter of course hunt for their own survival. Large predators, like all animals (man included) have a genetic predisposition to conserving energy. They (we) don't work any harder in their natural environment than they have to. That means that prey is often chosen by how easy it is to catch. Domestic animals including pampered pooches and house cats don't put up much of a fight and don't posess really effective teeth and claws. They are also not bred for predator avoidance. This fact also applies very well to the California "Jogger", "Hiker" and "Walker". Their daily routes take them repeatedly through big cat habitat (literally by the clock) and a large predator soon comes to recognize them as an easy, relatively hairless, fangless and clawless source of protein. They are simply making the best of the situation and working as big predators always have, They take the weak, sick and defenseless.


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                        Reid, you defenitly have never hunted cats with dogs in the Mountain West. It is far from easy, and if anything one of the toughest challenges in the woods. Pursuing cats in the mountains in the deep of winter is grueling, they often run into big steep country, and while they stay on top of the snow, you are often bucking it up to your waist. Not to mention the huge amounts of time, effort, and money put in to having good dogs. If you think you just let the dogs out, stroll up to a tree, and shoot a cat, your sorely mistaken. Once in awhile you may luck out with an easy tree, but for the most part you have to go to the extreme to get it done.


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                          As far as California is concerned, a lack of predator control through hunting, means no predator control. We also should all know by now that these people hold an animals life above that of a human, and always blame any attack on the human victim, and hold all others blameless.


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                            The "pass the information along" statement was mostly a rather poor attempt at humor (i.e. "a dead man tells no tales")

                            I realize that mountain lions don't really communicate between individuals with the exception of mothers teaching their cubs. Though the point still holds since a dead mother would not be able to teach her cubs to steer clear of humans.

                            I never denied that mountain lions will attack people or domestic animals (such a denial would be quite foolish)

                            I'm not against a well managed hunting program.

                            The point of my post was this:

                            If you assume that the hunting program maintains healthy population levels, can anyone explain how hunting would decrease the frequency of attacks?

                            I'm not saying that it definitely wouldn't, the reasoning just doesn't seem clear to me.


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                              As for the person who left me negative feedback-

                              (I REALLY doubt it was beekeeper or Idahooutdoors)

                              You are a coward and likely an ignorant one!

                              I calmly stated a well thought out opinion and even stated that I didn't know the true answer.

                              one of two scenarios is possible:
                              1) You saw that my post was not a single-sentence liberal bash, decided that reading it would take too much effort and then gave it negative feedback for not simply saying "Yeah! Liberals suck! PETA hugs bunnies!"

                              2) You firmly believe and commonly state that hunting predators reduces human attacks. You have just assumed this to be true and never given it any deep thought. Faced with my thoughts, you were too cowardly to confront your own preconceptions so you just gave my post negative feedback instead of confronting the issue.

                     which is it?




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