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Tell me about your run-ins with snakes. I nearly stepped on a big Diamondback while deer hunting in Florida when I was 13 years

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  • Tell me about your run-ins with snakes. I nearly stepped on a big Diamondback while deer hunting in Florida when I was 13 years

    Tell me about your run-ins with snakes. I nearly stepped on a big Diamondback while deer hunting in Florida when I was 13 years old.

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    I have several but I will only share a couple;

    I wedged myself under my house several years ago to fix a plumbing problem. I noticed about 20 feet in that I could not turn over or turn around but decided to continue to the problem and then back out. Whilst inching forward I became vaguely aware of something in front of me. upon shining my flashlight I was face to face with a western diamond back of about 4' in length, the snake was coiled and very aggitated, but not rattling. I froze for what felt like 3 hours ( probably about 30 seconds) after awhile the snake relaxed and went out away from me. I inched back out, changed pants and called a plumber.

    My most recent issue happened about two days ago. I was in my hunting/fishing closet looking for a certain tackle box. I began taking everything out for a little rearranging, about 3/4 of the way in I found a 6' snake skin amongst my gear. The skin was fairly fresh because it was still pliable. I have not found this snake and hope that it left the way it came in. Most likely my wife or one of my daughters will find it for me, and we will be moving.

    I have a few more but those really stick out.


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      You've got to be a little more specific for me Del.
      Rattlers- (5 types/Colo., Ark., Tenn.,Miss.,Lous.)
      Cotton-mouth/Water Moccisin - (Ark.,Tenn.,Lous.)
      Copper-head - (Ark.)
      I've caught several of these including (1)copper-head,
      (2)cotton-mouths,(5) Rattlers/3 types.
      I'm not even going into all the non-poisonous ones.
      Water-snakes,garder snakes,racers,milks,corns,grass, the list goes on.
      I was the "class pet" collector till I got to Jr.High school.


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        P.S. Like the "new" pic, my newest will be here soon.
        "IT'S A BOY !!!" Taking his brother fishing soon.(4yrs)
        Congrats on the "lil' one"


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          I lost four finger nails to a rattlesnake ...

          When I was 12-years old, my step-father had a garden that bordered a tributary to the Ohio river. He would take his mule and hee and haw all morning long.

          Later in the day, he would settle in and do some fishing for large cats and buffalo fish. After a successful day of fishing,we all jumped into the car and made our way to a gravel road.

          Half way down the dirt road in the middle of tall corn stalks. my step-dad spied a rattlesnake. He was concerned that the snake would bite his mule, so he got out of the vehicle, to get his shotgun out of the trunk,to dispatch the slithering demon.

          He left the drivers door open, and I decided that I would get a better view of what was about to take place.The window was down in the back seat, as I placed my hand on the door jamb to pull myself forward.

          Just as I was about to push the front seat forward, to free myself from the back seat,my sister, who was sitting in the middle of the front seat, decides it would be unsafe for her bigger brother to get a better view.

          She says "no,stay here," and slams the door on my four fingers as hard and quickly as she could. I let out a blood curdling scream. Now ...the door is shut with my four fingers still secured between the door and the door jamb.

          My mom leans over and opens the door, so I can retract my bloodied,bruised and painfully swollen digits.

          That is how I lost four finger nails to a rattlesnake!
          I can still remember the pain to this day,ouch:}}


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            One time while I was in Viet Nam my platoon was on patrol in Mountainous jungle near Phu Bai. We need an LZ for Uh 1's to land and extract the platoon so a slick hovered and dropped us a supply of C-4. I used the C-4 to blow several large trees to open an area large enough to land on a ridgetop. On one big tree had to part weeds and brush to get to the trunk and stuck 5 bars to the trunk, primed with an electric cap. We backed off, yelled fire in the hole and squeezed the clacker. The huge jungle behemouth shook and then slowly toppled into the valley. Walking to the next tree I found a very long poisonous looking snake killed by the blast. Not sure what it was but just about everything but constrictors is poisonous in SE Asia. Just glad I didn't get bit while setting the charge.


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              I was rock hopping around a lake I used to fish as a kid that had boulders all the way around the shoreline. I was moving at a good clip and jumped up on a boulder and down to the next which I couldn't see until I was in the air. To my dismay the boulder was already occupied by a big ole water mocassin. The result was a very brief stay on the rock for me followed by a personal best in the vertical leap which I believe stands to this day. The snake is probably still telling the story around the lake and bragging on and on about it the way snakes do.


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                My aunts cat is crazy. My uncle will jump out of his skin if he even sees a toy snake. The reason is... on one summer that cat had managed to catch a four foot long cotton mouth and not get bit. I guess curiosity was kind this time.


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                  Okinawa Japan 1982 Scuba Diving 60ish feet deep. Came across a Banded Sea Snake laying under a coral shelf and it was really pissed off by two previous divers dropping rocks on it and it chased me for 100 yards or more! Sucked up a lot of oxygen I did back peddling keeping my fins in its face and luckily it ran out of air before I did!


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                    August 1981 New Mexico hunting Jackrabbits and Coyotes. Literally straddled a Diamond back ( and it was pissed. After doing instant thinking, Choice #1 Take the rifle butt and hit it in the head and risk the chance of missing! NOPE!!, Choice #2 jump and still get hit, NOPE!! Choice #3 stay still HELL NO!! or #4 and this is it, fall straight back quick draw my 44 mag with Keith Style 255 grain cast loaded with 21 grains of 2400 and shoot from the hip and risk shrapnel rather than a snake bite. It will take 45 minutes to get to the truck and another 1 1/2 hours to get to the nearest road.

                    All 4 of my hunting buddies turned when they heard the distinct sound of my 44 Mag go off and turned to look in my direction to see me lying on my back with a ton of dust swirling around me. They yelled Clay you OK; I don’t know I just straddled a snake! The next thing I knew they were over top of me pulling my boots off and pant legs up to check if I was hit. I was lucky, the Diamondback wasn’t the bullet almost severed the head completely off at the base still attached by a thread of skin.


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                      At my Grand parents ranch we have two houses, a new one that they built about 8 years ago for their retirement and an old one built in the early 50's that no one uses any more accept for my Father and myself. This old house is on the very edge of a clearing within 5 yards of heavy brush. The bathroom in this old house is set up so that when you shower a window lets you look right out into the brush.
                      One afternoon I went to go take a shower after spending the morning fencing, just about the time I got my self nice and soapy A big coral snake crawls across the ledge on the outside of the window. I tried to jump out of the shower but slipped and knocked the wind out of myself.


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                        Clay, I too ran into the banded sea snake in Okinawa, mostly diving at the "Tombs". I spoke to an old Japanese fisherman who told me in broken english "snake bite, grandkids die".

                        And who can forget the habu's up at NTA.


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                          ONE BAD SNAKE!


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                            when I went to Michagan me and my cuzin were catching frogs, and we saw a huge snake about 4-5 feet long and me and my cuzin both have pet snakes so we kind of had an experience with them. so we tried to catch it. Man it was impossible it had so many hole it kept going in. So after a while we lost sight of it. so we just went back to catching frogs. Then later when we were leaveingwe saw it again. and again we try to catch it. but it didnt work. it was black then had a lime green stripe on its side. I had never seen anything like it. it was the wierdest snake I ever saw.


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                              My closest call was to a copperhead. I had cut a trail through a thick, grown up slough out to and island in a swamp. I had the idea of hunting a big buck that was trailing the middle of the island.

                              I had worked all morning and returned about 3 PM to go in a hunt. On my way in I noted that I'd left a small willow branch about the diameter of my thumb and about 3 feet long laying in the middle of the trail. I stopped and used the toe of my boot (thank God!) to flip it off the path. As soon as my toe touched the limb a very large copperhead (almost 3 feet long) which was buried up in the leaves under the branch coiled and struck in one motion, luckily it hit the hard toe of my boot... It immediately recoiled and was cocked and locked ready for another strike. Big buck be damned, I leveled the muzzle of my .308 about 10 inches from the snakes nose and let go. The bullet missed but the muzzle blast frazzled the first 6-7 inches of snake and blew a mixing bowl size hole in the soft ground. I went back to the truck in order to catch up with my heart and for a change of under garments...




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