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The great ammo debate, my question is "do you ever see things going back to the way they were before Obama was elected" ammo is

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  • The great ammo debate, my question is "do you ever see things going back to the way they were before Obama was elected" ammo is

    The great ammo debate, my question is "do you ever see things going back to the way they were before Obama was elected" ammo is hard to find, and if you do find it you have to take out a lone to pay for it. will ammo ever get cheaper or is the current price here to stay.

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    Only time will tell. So far He is doing O.K. But that is not stopping everybody to buy up all of the reloading components and stocking up on ammo.


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      There are currently "bigger fish to fry" for the President. As soon as they get a handle on the current economic problems I will start sweating. As far as what is going to happen in the future, I agree with Christian, only time will tell. I really think that anything that is passed will be similar to the previous Assault Weapons Ban and will be temporary at first. Keep in mind though that unless Mr. Obama really screws up some how we could very probably be facing an 8 year administration. With the popularity of Mrs. Clinton it even has the potential of continuing beyond 8. If this admin. has a successful go at things I would foresee potential for another Clinton bid in 2016 unless she retires before then. So I guess what I am saying is that I think things will be "temporary" depending on your definition of "temporary".


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        My money is on the price coming back down

        If they don't it will be because the ammo companies have learned that people are willing to pay such high prices for ammo. They might not see any reason to lower prices.

        As for the cause, let's get real people!

        This is a simple case of people hoarding and it causing a supply and demand price spike

        I'm no obama fan but he has gone out of his way to avoid gun regulation.

        Any talk of him being the cause of ammo prices is just baseless conspiracy theories of the worst kind.

        We have sooo many legitimate reasons to oppose his policies we don't need to stoop to black helicopter theories.

        Let the negative feedback for rational thought flow!


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          Prices have always fluctuated and probably will continue the same. In fact I expect ammo to start cominng down as the price of metals has dropped and the demand spike will surely run it's course as people hoarding ammo get all they want. The price of ammo has not kept up with inflation. High brass 12 ga ammo was about $3.65 a box and coke was a dime when I was a kid. Look at the price of both now.


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            I am hoping for an ammo bubble and some cheap prices in a year or so. Lots of people have stockpiled, so future demand should drop and production should increase to catch back up with current demand.


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              I'm with idaho, I think there will be a point when manufacturers have increased production and the stockpiling will stop. It won't be as good as with other industries but I think prices will come down, possibly lower than they were in October 2008.


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                As metal prices stabilize ammo prices will also drop or atleast level off. The world metals market went wild over the past couple of years. Any of you guys tried to buy any steel for a construction project? It's not just ammo!

                Lead shot is down by 50% of what it was 18 months ago in my area...if you can find it...


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                  I'm with Ken...Obama has enough on his plate now without alienating himself even further from "moderates" by confronting the gun issue. High prices now are strictly due to demand and should begin slowly trickling back down. Unfortunately, much like gas prices, I see prices as being "up like a rocket and down like a feather". In other words, though they will likely start declining, it will be quite some time before they are back anywhere close to pre-Obama hype levels.


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                    Agreed with Beekeeper and + 1 for you sir!!!




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