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dose any body know how you become a DNR officer in Minnesota? i am only a freshmen in high school now so i have some time but i

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  • dose any body know how you become a DNR officer in Minnesota? i am only a freshmen in high school now so i have some time but i

    dose any body know how you become a DNR officer in Minnesota? i am only a freshmen in high school now so i have some time but i want to become a DNR officer when ever it is posible for me to.

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    You would be best off now to find as many volunteer opportunities as you can. This will allow you to meet people who are already there and get good information from them.

    You will probably end up needing some sort of biology degree, possibly law enforcement (but that would need some biology background too).

    I'm no expert, but that's where I'd start


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      Buck Hunter 17,
      As a former Park Ranger, I would suggest contacting your local Wildlife officer for your county or region and ask him or her to put you in contact with the DNR Home office and speak to the Director of the DNR. Need to ask them what classes you need to be taking in High School and College. (I am sure you cannot get a DNR officer job without a 4 year degree anymore.) And the best thing is to try to get a job with your local Park Management or County Conservation Board. Doing work over the summer as an intern. This will get you experiance and building relationships with people in the field. Hope this helps and good luck


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        Boy that's a great profession and I wish I had pursued it as I wanted. Contact them they'll give information. Don't know about your state but the training is not easy here. State Troopers have an easy ride as compared to the Conservation Officers, no slam meant on the troopers.


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          If it like Virginia there is a lot of competition for these job so keep you grades up. You will likely need a 4 year degree in some wildlife/fisheries field. If possible look at colleges that also have law enforcement classes available and take a couple. Maybe even try for a double major though it will require more work it will show your desire to succeed. Definitely do some some summer intern work with the DNR as soon as they will have you. There are job available every summer that will introduce you to helpful people. In college I did wildlife, fisheries, and forestry internships.
          Just remember its going to be competitive so may yourself the best candidate out there. When I tried out for the VA game warden job close to 300 people showed up for the first round interview for 20 jobs. Who knows how many applied? Stay somewhat in shape too, there will be an obstacle course as part of your interview. Not clearing a 6ft wall(no ropes) ended the interview process for many people.
          Also you may find in your experiences and studies as I did there are other great jobs out there. I ended up in fisheries management because the hours and pay were a little better. Also fish are my thing and I don't have to work all of hunting season anymore.
          If you find natural resource management is your path get a masters before you enter the full-time job force. Going back to college and a meager graduates stipend after getting full-time pay can be a hard thing to do.
          It sounds like a lot when condensed down to a few paragraphs but when I was getting to where I am now I had a heck of a good time and it didn't seem like that much work until I look back on it now.


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            Agreed with vtbluegrass and + 1 for you sir!!!




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