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I know that this is technically not a question about the outdoors but it does have to do with getting me places to fish. I have

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    ken -

    Once again, well stated, though I doubt very much that jbird will understand everything you posted. From an engineering perspective you hit the nail on the head. As you stated, every vehicle (cars are no exception) has a resonant frequency that can be exploited by any manufacturer.

    This post hits close to home as I am driving my second Tundra. The first was an extended cab from the days when the front doors had to be opened in order to open the rear doors. When we had our second child, I upgraded to a double cab to get the four full-size doors. With more than 6 years of driving Tundras I have not had a second of trouble out of either of them and have recommended them on numerous occasions. You just can't beat the reliability of Toyotas.

    BTW, ken, out of curiosity, where do you live and what do you do (obviously engineering)?


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      Auburn Hunter-

      Its true, he might not understand the reasoning for that video being BS (Though, admittedly it was clever BS on ford's part)

      But, that is his fault, not mine. You throw a juicy piece of mathematical meat like that in front of an engineer and you'd better expect a response! You mess with the vibrational dynamics bull, you get the eigen-value horns ;-)

      As far as where I live and work; I used to work in the auto industry. I currently work designing composite structures for satellites. I have lived in Ma and Mi, but I currently live in upstate NY. You?


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        Ken and Auburn hunter,
        Thanks for having my back. I have studied a little about resonance frequencies but I'm only a senior in high school. I am going into Mechanical Engineering next year at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.


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          Good ol' Birmingham, AL. Graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in EE and went to work for the power company. An MBA later, still at the power company, closer to management and further from engineering. Kind of sad actually.




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