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ok so this year i want to broaden my horizons and try two new types of hunting; coyote and turkey. I would be grateful for any a

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  • ok so this year i want to broaden my horizons and try two new types of hunting; coyote and turkey. I would be grateful for any a

    ok so this year i want to broaden my horizons and try two new types of hunting; coyote and turkey. I would be grateful for any and all gear and strategy advice I could get, however since i'm only 16, my budget for gear is severly limited and I have very little acrege available to hunt on, thanks.

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    Well the good news is the most important gear for both is good camo, including a face net and gloves.

    For turkeys I would get a slate or box call. You can get some pretty good slates for around $20 and they have good tone and are easy to use. A locater call is also important (owl hooter, crow call, or duck call) to help find where the turkeys are roosted then its as simple as figuring out where they will fly down to and call them close enough to shoot. Good luck with that it takes some time to figure it all out.

    Coyotes you need a good rifle and a good set of calls also. You can get some digital calls that do a great job but they are pricy. I would start with some primo's mouth calls because they come with a CD that helps you learn how to use them. After that trial and error are the best advice I have. You can get some DVDs and watch some pro's.

    One suggestion a lot of farmers hate coyotes and might let you hunt them. If you do a good job of respecting their land it might open up some new turkey and deer hunting ground on down the line.


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      thanks for asking this and thanks for answering Herbie, i am going to start turkey hunting this spring.


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        Moody see my post about my tactics..

        For coyote hunting it is all about lots and lots of property because each spot is only hunted for 30 minutes. I have around 30+ properties totaling over 30,000 acres, land owners usually never have a problem giving you the ok. My only suggestion is don’t look for permission during deer season.


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          I have been hunting turkeys for about 5 years now. Like herie said camo is important, however you my find it easier to use a diaphram call, that is what I did. I have taken two turkeys in my first year, since I have not been able to get out into the woods because of the military. I used a mossberg 500 with an undertaker turkey choke and a hen decoy. Thats all, I did not spend an awful lot of money and was successful. You have to scout and find out where the turkeys roost do this preseason in the mornings go out close to the woods you will be hunting and listen you will get a general area where they are located. I read all the time about turkey hunting what ever information I can get my hands on I soak it up. You should do the same. Good luck hunting.


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            great choices. i love booth types, thouhgh believe coyotes the best. for booth u need heavy camo


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              Good Luck!


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                Good Luck!




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