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OK here's your chance. What is your most interesting hunting or fishing story? Happy Myles I especially would like to hear from

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  • OK here's your chance. What is your most interesting hunting or fishing story? Happy Myles I especially would like to hear from

    OK here's your chance. What is your most interesting hunting or fishing story? Happy Myles I especially would like to hear from you on this one.

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    I don't have any super-duper ones, yet, but my dad sure does. He was lowering his gun down by the rope and looking all around to make sure a deer didn't sneak up on him. Then he looked down to see how much further he had to go and he had lowered his gun in between the rack of a nice 8 pt!!! The deer never saw anything but used that 6th sense and walked away before dad could get the gun pulled back up.


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      I bought my dad and myself 50. cal muzzle loaders for christmas a few years ago. Naturaly we both wanted to try them out right after breakfast, so we walked out to the shooting bench in our hay field. After about an hour of constant shooting two spikes walked out of the woods to our right and crossed the field about 50 yards from us... while we were both unloaded.


      • #4 first buck. I had just turned 14 and it was my first time hunting alone. I set up in a hollow and looked straight into the hollow and saw a massive rack. so i stalked down and found a different,lesser 8pt, since the other took off. so before i noticed the 8pt i saw a doe and was just looking to put meat on the table so i scoped up on it. well she looked over her shoulder and i followed her eyes right to the first buck. i shot the 8 pt. 17inch spread.


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          One of the most interesting fishing stories I've heard took place several years ago. A friend of mine was going to Florida, with several of his buddies fishing for large bass. Most of them were using live bait,golden shiners.

          It seems, a couple of the guys who were in different bass boats, hooked up on the water, for a midday break and lunch.Just as they were finishing up, one of the guys tosses a golden shiner into the crystal clear water, and watched his shiner try to swim back to the boat.

          Two large bass attack the shiner simultaneously, with the smaller one, a five and a half pounder getting to it first.The bass swallowed the shiner, but in the rush, the shiner came back through the gills of the smaller fish. The larger bass, an eight and a half pound toad, sees the shiner and gulps it down.

          Two bass, over thirteen pounds on one pole!
          I know. I know. Sounds preposterous. But, they took pictures and you could see the line in the water with two bass attached.


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            My grandad and I were walking around the point of a draw deer hunting. He stopped and shot a real nice 10 point. As soon as it hit the ground it stood back up so he shot it again. When we walked down to where the buck was we found 2 almost identical deer. It was interesting explaining that to the game warden but he got us another tag and let us keep them both!


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              Just walked into my office and turned on this infernal machine. Have meetings most of today, but will try to get something interesting out later.

              mauled by a leopard

              charge by a three legged lioness

              elephant charge

              killing a buffalo previously wounded by a poachers bullet made from a truck battery terminal

              or how about 60 inch Marco Polo ram on my 60th birthday in a snow storm at 17000 feet

              trapped by flood waters on a small ledge for a week, then killing a nice Dall ram

              while tracking a Lord Derby Eland, surprising Sudanese terrorists with machine guns and rocket launchers chopping tusks out of a cow elephant

              Naw............I'll think of something interesting


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                Well that's pretty dang hard to follow....

                My most memorable:

                Texas deer/turkey season when I was 13.
                Decided to post up on a train tressel where deer were frequently traveling. Was early in the morning and like most hunters took a little snooze.....
                Woke up to GOBBLE GOBBLE! About 20 yrds from me were 3 gobbles 3 hens just minding their own business. All I had was my .243 fully loaded. I unloaded! Mind you it was about 0730 so it was PRIME deer time. Dropped the 3 gobblers. Picked them up and walked 2 miles back to camp because I was outta ammo. I get back to camp to see 3 trucks coming around the bend with our other lease holder really PO'd thinking I was bored and started target shooting. Needless to say they were the ones cleaning the birds that afternoon!

                Story 2#
                November-Michigan-light rain-shotgun for deer

                Just got done taking a "steamer" in the woods and walked the 10yrds back to my brush blind. Sat down and had that "6th sense" I was being watched. Looked over my shoulder and about 5 yrds from where I just used the bathroom was a HUGE doe and her yearling. I had to turn 180', grab the gun, draw down all while she was about 10yrds away. I slowely managed to turn around and get the gun. The BB site was about her front knee before she spotted me and bolted. And bolted to where all I saw was her backside
                Morale of the story: Always take a dump in privacy because you never know who is watching you!


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                  If Happy is going to come out into the yard with some of his African adventures I'll just stay under the porch...


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                    Please don't. That is embarassing, I wasn't trying to run anyone off. Hell, I have heard my stories, I'm more interested in yours. One time a friend questioned the veracity of my tales, I assured him that most of them were true, and invited him along for a pack train elk hunt. We ended up coming out in a blizzard, with me breaking trail on snow shoes, the wheels fell off of everything. We did get elk.

                    My friend said it was the best adventure he ever had, but not to invite him again.

                    I guess I'm a bit of a lightening rod.

                    Got to run


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                      Hey guys there's room here for everyone to tell their stories. Just imagine we are sitting around a campfire under 100 ft Spruce trees in Ak drinking spiked coffee. The meatpole is full there are horns hanging in a tree. the night is pitch black and it's misting rain but Del put a tarp over a big tree limb to keep the rain off. Which story would you tell?


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                        Happy, I'd love to hear more about the 3-legged lioness attack. LOL


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                          Happy I would love to hear all those stories and Beekeeper's stories too.


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                            Lightening strikes twice, or I need all the help I can.

                            A couple of years ago, I spent 21 days in the Central African Republic. A capricious Air France employee decided to forbid me from taking my rifles. I shrugged it off, well, that's probably not quite true, but I went without them.

                            Arriving in camp, I borrowed a disreputable looking 375 M70 of ancient vintage and a hand full of cartridges of various weights and manufactures, and proceeded to have one of my most successful trips. 14 animals, which in that part of the world is a heck of a trip.

                            One animal which eluded me was a Western Roan. The morning I left camp to meet my air charter at a red dirt strip cut in the middle of the bush there was a tapping on the roof by a tracker, low and behold there stood a fantastic Roan Antelope a few hundred yards away. Normally rifles would be locked in my travel case, but the rifle I had borrowed was hanging where it belonged behind the driver. We put a stalk on the antelope and it dropped to the shot. We discovered the animal was blind on our side was lame in the shoulder.

                            A few months later, I was hunting Desert Mule Deer in Sonora, Mexico. Again, the last day of the hunt we put a sneak on a huge buck, but he took off through the Mesquite after spotting us. He stopped in a small opening for a split second and looked back at us awkwardly. I shot off hand, and down he went, don't know who was more surprised, myself or the guide. This animal was also blind in the eye on our side and lame and infected from battle with another buck. He had no hair along his shoulders from fighting for females.

                            Luck comes in strange forms,but I'll it and admit to it


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                              Last line should read I'll take it, and admit to it

                              Will do the three legged lioness later, got work to do




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