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I have an on-going practical joke war with one of my hunting buddies. I am now in the position of owing him one, any suggestion

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  • I have an on-going practical joke war with one of my hunting buddies. I am now in the position of owing him one, any suggestion

    I have an on-going practical joke war with one of my hunting buddies. I am now in the position of owing him one, any suggestions??? As long as the jokes don't affect the hunt, are unsafe, or damage anything expensive, I am open to suggestions.

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    Put a deer decoy up, far enough so he can see it, and close enough that he will shoot at it. Put it at a stand that he loves. The trickery of this would be to make him think that he has shot a big deer, instead of a decoy.


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      I put the nut sack to a deer my buddy shot in his coat pocket and his wife found it by smell a week or so later. We thought it was funny. She didn't.


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        if he uses calls, stand about 50yards away and hide and call back so he thinks he has somthin coming in.


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          Smear limburgher cheese around the seat of the outhouse at hunting camp. He wont smell it in the cold, but later when it warms up on him....


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            Is he afraid of snakes? Rubber ones cost little but yield wonderful results if properly applied. The same can be said for rubber spiders. Never, ever put one in your wife's pocketbook or on top the agitator in the clothes washer for her to find when she raises the lid.


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              A word to the wise ...
              Don't enact the joke if there is a GUN in their hands.

              I used to wear the Original Mossy Oak camo and told my buddy I would meet him at a certain tree stand around noon.
              Of course I was there first, and covered myself in leaves.

              Soon, he arrived and began to look around,it was bow season. He figured he would have a better advantage point if he climbed into the tree stand to look for me and deer, which I was hoping he would do.

              He hung his bow up on the tree and lit a cigarette.

              Psst! He looked around for me intently, but couldn't locate the sound. I was underneath him,as he almost stepped on me as he arrived at the stand.

              Psssst! He looked in front of him, on his side, behind him, he even looked further up in the tree, for the source of the sound!

              As he looked up, I began to make "Angels" in the leaves as one would do in the snow, except it was really loud and below his perch.

              He became un-glued, but we still laugh at it to this day.



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                Listen to 2Poppa
                Some of the most tragic accidents is because some fool decided to pull a prank on someone. One late evening while 2 hunters approached there camp became a roar and thrashing brush to the right about 30 feet away. They emptied their rifles into the brush and discovered they just shot their friend!!!

                Even sneaking up to your friends deer stand can get you killed!!!


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                  Douglas, don't you think at some point you'll need to use that outhouse?

                  2Poppa, Coop: I agree wholeheartedly. Practical jokes eventually get out of hand and we're talking of 'men' with guns.


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                    A fish under the seat of the truck is a personal favorite. If you are feeling generous you can put it on a plate or plastic bag to preserve his carpet.

                    Another good one is those little firecrackers that pop when you pull on the strings. These things were made for practical jokes. Tie them somewhere he will set them off when everything is silent. Car doors, the seat of his tree stand, inside of his gun case, etc.


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                      The only practical joke I've pulled is I snuck into my buddies bunk and set his alarm clock for an hour early. That morning he kept yelling 'are you gonna hunt'? And I said 'I'm sick'. He got out there way ahead of time.


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                        About practical jokes for my friends one word... don't do it if you value my friendship.


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                          Oops the word is don't.


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                            switch out his real shells with blanks


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                              Com'on guys you can do better than this. Haven't you ever given a trail camera the middle finger? Get out of your treestand early and go to a bar while your friend is still in the woods hunting? (this is especially good when the weather is bad) or call your buddy while he's in his treestand and tell him his bathrobe does not fit?

                              It's all about having a good time, being safe and building bonds.




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