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I notice alot of you folks on here talking about reloading your own shells/bullets. Is it legal, for a gun dealer/hunting store

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  • I notice alot of you folks on here talking about reloading your own shells/bullets. Is it legal, for a gun dealer/hunting store

    I notice alot of you folks on here talking about reloading your own shells/bullets. Is it legal, for a gun dealer/hunting store owner, to reload ammo and sell it to consumers? And if they ever limit the sale of ammo, how are they ever going to prevent this?

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    I would doubt that it's leagl, there is too much liability involved there. If it is legal, I am sure that the insurance policy would be very expensive.


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      Yes it is legal. It could also make you liable if a hot round blew up someone's pistol.

      The big legal thing is that you MUST clearly mark and state that it is a reload. People have been caught not doing that. I once opened a box at a show and saw 4 different brands of brass. That in itself made me suspicious.

      At gun shows, there is often somebody there selling reloads. This is a bigger matter of trust than anything else. You would have to think; "Is this loaded to spec?".

      I sold 1200 rounds of 9mm I've had, since I don't have a 9 any more. Each box was marked with the weight of the projectile and type, type and grains of powder, and the date I reloaded it. I sold it at a gun show to a dealer who knew me.

      Now my old group of Georgia friends, here's what we did... generally we all reloaded different stuff and swapped around the group. We all knew each other, and trusted the work.

      But everybody seems to want to get a lawyer and cash in on almost anything now, and if you're a store owner you would think about liability anyway. You would have to protect against someone saying; "I shot my cousin because of that ammo he sold me.".


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        May I add to Jeff4066

        If a person’s gun blows up, who is going to know whether or not it was an overload, obstruction of the barrel or better yet, one of your loads to begin with!


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          Mr. Clay...

          You are pretty correct about that, but I was trying to stay completely above board about it.

          When a group you hang out with knows you reload multiple calibers, there's always someone who "needs a really hot round" for some reason. I steered clear of that.

          And if you ever watched CSI, they could probably analyze the molecular bonds of the brass for weakened stress points due to hot reloading. (That sounded good, maybe I'll write a script).


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            Jeff hit it on the dot. You could do it but the liability is ridiculous,and knowing some people, could cost you and not even be worth it.


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              Jeff, your correct, the liability is a bitch. No gun stores around here sell reloaded ammo but the trap ranges used to. I haven't been to one of their ranges for a couple of years but I would bet for insurance reasons they have stopped that practise. The local private rifle range I used to go to cut their hours so much I hardly go there because if they kept their normal hours they couldn't afford a price increase above the $10,000 they were paying.


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                Hunting Shack are semi professional reloaders. They are nearly mainstream now but I remember they used to do custom orders.


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                  As I understand it, if you produce ammunition for other than personal use and make a profit, you are required to have a license to manufacture ammunition. I believe the exception are the ranges that require that their (very conservatively loaded) ammunition be used on the premises. It may be worthwhile to check with BATFE on this.


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                    Liability issues!


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                      Liability issues!




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