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With Mr. Heavey's latest column in mind, have you ever picked up a road kill? I personally have picked up 3 deer, all fresh, I

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  • With Mr. Heavey's latest column in mind, have you ever picked up a road kill? I personally have picked up 3 deer, all fresh, I

    With Mr. Heavey's latest column in mind, have you ever picked up a road kill? I personally have picked up 3 deer, all fresh, I witnessed police finishing 2 and the truck that struck the 3rd was still at the scene when I took the deer. If you have picked one up, tell us about it, and if not why not?

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    I was coming home from college one Friday night and saw a doe stick her head across the white line and catch a semi front bumper in the ear. It was December, deer season was still in so I said what the heck. I figured the deer was not damaged as all I saw was the wack in head and she was knocked away from the road.

    Upon getting her home my Dad and I dressed her out. (or tried) The only bones in her body not broken were her back legs from the hocks down! The meat was bloodshot and never mind the cavity. The semi and I were running about 65 mph. It is amazing what kind of energy transfer she took. That ended my desire for road kill!


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      I was at church one evening and a friend wanted some deer meat and asked me if I had any. On his way home, he called me and said that a deer had just been hit on the road.

      After lookin' at the deer, I realized the meat was going to have a lot of splintered bone, but was able to get the tenderloin and backstraps off of it.

      I followed my buddy home and fried it up in a cast-iron skillet for him and his kids. They loved it!

      One of the most horrific road kills, I actually witnessed, took place as a buddy and my son were travelling south, down I-75, in Kentucky to go deer huntin'.

      We were runnin' about 65 miles per hour, behind an 18 wheeler,and decided to speed up and pass, the huge truck. I glanced to my right, to see a 6 pointer, jump the guard rail and take one step towards the Monster truck.

      It died in mid-flight!


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        I had a lady hit a doe down the street from my house. She used our phone then we went down to see the deer. When the police officer got there we asked if we could keep the deer and he filled out the paper work and we took it. Another time we were in a squirrel tournament and needed one more. We found one on the way to the weigh in.


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          A friend and I picked up a mountain lion carcass on the median of I-25 south of Castle Rock last fall. Before you all start howling, yes, we found out it was illegal to have without a permit and passed it off to the DOW. What was amazing is how big they really are.

          I also skinned out a raccoon last winter that was road kill (donated from the same friend).


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            My Dad picks em up all the time he's got a 60 acre Coyote pen and it cheaper than feeding them dog food. Course his usually aren't as fresh as the ones above. I wouldn't do it but its his thing. Coyote field trials are pretty popular around here for some of the dog owners.


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              Never picked one up, but i've been looking on the shoulders for a pair or rattling horns. Always have a saw. Funny you rarely see decent bucks laying.


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                I have never picked up a road-kill deer. We usually see the deer once they are days old or have been splattered all over the road. Once someone hit a deer by our driveway and didn't have anybody take care of it. I t sat there a couple of days and was spoiled, so we dragged it out to the middle of our field and used it as coyote bait.


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                  I have never picked one up. In Wyoming you are required to first obtain a "game transport tag" for $2.00 from the Game and Fish. Otherwise you can get a ticket that costs you about $100.00 in court. I suppose you could sit by the dead deer and beg the garme warden via cell phone to drive out and sell you a tag. You can bet that if you leave the deer to go buy a tag the head and antlers will not be there when you return. Same goes for road killed pheasants or any other game animal or bird as far as I can determine.


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                    I've picked up 10-15 in the past. I just take the back straps and feed the rest to the ravens.


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                      CPT BRAD, That reminds me of what they do in Green Bay. The Bay Beach Wildlife sanctuary has a pack of wolves and they use road kill deer to feed the wolves. It saves the city alot of money on dog food.


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                        Saw a story a few years back about deer carcasses being used to feed eagles during a hard winter.

                        Never picked up road kill myself. There's a local restaurant called The Moose Preserve. They have a dish called the Road Kill Grill - venison, quail, and boar sausage. When you order it they give you a bumper sticker that says, "I Eat My Roadkill."


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                          Found a quail in the road once. Cleaned and ate him. He was good-looked like he died from a heart attack-no damage at all.
                          Last night I saw a small buck that had lost his antlers dead by the road. He was very fresh so I called my taxidermist friend Dan. He takes everyone he can get. I don't eat them but Dan says he gets a lot of good meat. He also takes fawns out of dead does and stuffs them. Each deer is different some are badly damaged. Others are in pretty good shape. Any Kansas Law enforcement can give you a roadkill tag.


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                            I've picked a couple of deer up. We can also go to the court house and have our name and number on a list. So when someone does hit a deer and the cops show up they will have someone give a person on the list a call to grab it if they want.


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                              I've taken two roadkill deer and one rabbit.

                              When I was in college I hit a rabbit and took it home and ate it. Any meat is good meat for a poor college kid.




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