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I am a bigginer outdoorsman as you would call it. my parents do not hunt or fish. my uncles does though and he has taken me hunt

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  • I am a bigginer outdoorsman as you would call it. my parents do not hunt or fish. my uncles does though and he has taken me hunt

    I am a bigginer outdoorsman as you would call it. my parents do not hunt or fish. my uncles does though and he has taken me hunting before. i got my forst deer a year ago. but what i need to know is what would be the best geer for a bigginer for the lowest price?

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    you really just have to shop around, mix and match.


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      Congrats on your first deer. Sounds like your uncle got you started off on the right foot. You are lucky to have him.

      What type of gear are you looking for?


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        Ask your uncle for some "hand-me-downs"


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          yeah it was a small doe but still. yeah my parents though are almost ant hunting they think its dangerouse and they think guns are scarey or something so i have to do everything my self


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            i am looking for deer hunting gear, mainly shotgun rather then a rifle something less expensive but tough enough to last for a while


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              I think you might also be a bigginner in the Engrish and Grammar department too.


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                leave him alone, if want a shotgun look for a new england firearms they sell some great guns mostly singles but as they say one shot one kill also look in your local paper for used hunting gear if your parents won't let you buy a gun try for a bow


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                  As willkilldeer says, NEF is a good choice. Dependable and inexpensive. They are very light so will kick with slugs.

                  Another choice would be to go to a reputable gun shop, preferably one where there is a gunsmith. One with a range is even better. They probably have some used guns. Go with your uncle.

                  If you find one you like, have the gunsmith check it out to make sure everything works and that it hasn't been messed with. A good shop will let you try it out and return it if there is a problem. I bought a rifle once, took it to a range, dropped the cartridge in the chamber, and it went in about a half inch too far. Someone had reamed it out to another caliber and didn't mark the barrel. The gunsmith couldn't identify the caliber, probably a wildcat, so scrapped the gun.

                  Stay safe, and have fun.


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                    hunt_fish_sleep, Hey hair lip you can use some yourself!

                    Nobody is perfect including me, I haven’t found a good recipe for crow and boot yet, but as some of you folks know, I will eat my own words and stand corrected!!!

                    hunt_fish_sleep, when you think you that good, let’s step out on the range at the 1000 yard line!

                    When you pick on a beginner, you’re picking on this Ol’ Sandbagger too!!!!

                    hunt_fish_sleep, I find your kind to have low self esteem with a over inflated ego!!


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                      Set back and read this blog and answers and you will get the idea what to do. I need more info what you plan to do and what part of the world


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                        Correction, hair brain flapping your lip you can use some yourself!

                        See, I’m not perfect ether!

                        By the way Engrish? How about English!


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                          Joycey, Watch the garage-sales and swap-meets in your area for outdoor stuff. Sometimes guy's wives sell off their hunting gear real cheap. No it hasn't happened to me yet.


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                            Try Cabela's Bargan Cave: Catcat21404&cm_re=TopNav*BargainCave*032009

                            Also, figure out what you want to get well ahead of time of needing it and buy stuff on sale, like hunting gear in January or fishing stuff in October.


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                              For personal gear, get yourself a comfortable but warm pair of boots and good socks too. You can't shoot well or sit very long being cold.




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