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In the south we call something ghostly or unexplainable a "booger". This is the kind of thing that raises the hair on the back o

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  • In the south we call something ghostly or unexplainable a "booger". This is the kind of thing that raises the hair on the back o

    In the south we call something ghostly or unexplainable a "booger". This is the kind of thing that raises the hair on the back of your neck. (for those that recognize and pay attention to such things) The kind of thing that makes the bugs stop chirping... or as my Dad says, "I felt a booger." How many of you guys and gals will admit to having felt a "booger"? Please share...

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    Not that I know of, I'll try to pay better attention and let ou know.


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      Jeez Bee!! Absolutely yes! When I lived in South Carolina, when I first moved there, me and a couple buddies lived in a pre-civil war farm house, that had a truely gruesome history(offically documented)and the creepiness extended to the woods would be out hunting and just get chils and the heebies. one pre-dawn, I got so freaked I ran like hell for the house, and it wasn't just me, the other 3 guys who lived there agreed, "Hoss" this big ol' Georgia Boy wouldn't go out before daylight. Loved to hunt, but "THer's somethin' Abouth Them woods when it's dark....."


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        Oh you dang right. It's that strange time of the night when every other creature knows somthings going on and shuts up, and all we alert people can just wonder what the hell is it. You bet man I've felt it.
        Don't have a word for it but my goose pimples sure know.


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          This will sound weird but when you are young you think you see things. My brother and I were walking through the woods and I turned really quick to look in a tree and thought I saw a bigfoot type species. I know that there is no bigfoot but you better believe we took off like a bad out of he**. Another time my cousin and I were trout fishing a mile or so from his house and got chased by a coy dog. A coy dog is a domesticated dog that mates with a wild dog. Not to friendly and not scared of humans. One more time we were out coon hunting on this island and began to get surrounded by two packs of coyotes. Our coon dog shut up and would not move me boogied out of there really quick carring the dog.


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            I saw a "Ghost" or maybe a "Ghoul" at camp when i was a kid. Thought it was my Unc' trying to scare be, but he flew through the wall. Was dark, late, maybe my eyes and anxiousness were playing tricks on me. Was a BOOGER though, for sure.


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              I was working on an old church that was turned into a house and everytime I walked through this one room I felt as if someone was watching me. Come to find out that it was the old visition room. To this day I will not step foot into that place.


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                Ok since it appears I am not alone and won't sound like a wak-job The "Documented History" in the first post is as follows this house was once inhabited by a KKK Wizard, and was also the site of the last lynching in the county, and further more in the early 1900's a little girl fell from a second story window and died..I do not condone the hateful actions of the previous occupants, but we used to joke about this big ol' oak in the yard, called it the hangin' tree had a long straight branch during a lightning storm once I swear I saw bodies hqanging from it I got 2 buddies who will back me up here and the house was filled with presences I swear my girlfriend(now my wife) swore someone(or thing) tried to push her down the stairs. And like I said it extended to the woods too we were out coon hunting (there were 4 of us) and we all got kinda uneasy then it went dead silent, upstate SC woods in sept. silent? also we had cattle get out once and one guy didn't come back we looked all night for him finally found him walking the side of the road, said he was following "Noises" that led him and his horse into a quick sand bog we got the horse out but by god we to this day believe that the "Noises" intentionally led him to that bog. Really if it was a loose steer wouldn't it have been stuck in the bog too?


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                  Had a few boogers. Won't even bother trying to describe.

                  Had coyotes (I guess) circle around a lot while dressing deer at night. You shine the light at the noise, and they're gone, although one time I saw the bushy tail slip away. Yotes are pretty harmless, but it's a little creepy when they're right there lookin' at ya.

                  Barn owls probably account for a lot of boogers. They're creepy as hell. Ghostly color, almost seem to glow in the dark sometimes. Dead silent, until they decide to get vocal...they make the ghastliest noises you could imagine.


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                    Here on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, many of the old ones and the spiritual ones believe in spirits, so, it's not a good idea to be out too late. I've heard stories of my cousins and friends seeing monsters at night and spirits of animals that could not be killed...


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                      A many of times!


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                        Oh, yes. Chills or a feeling of presence. In southern Ohio there are lots of Indian mounds. We hunted areas close to them when we were kids. Go by one and you just knew to give the area respect. That was before we even knew what they were.

                        Can also walk through certain areas of the woods and fields, day or night, and get that feeling. Never anything threatening, just something there.


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                          A bunch of us went to a friend's house in Buffalo. I was feeling sick so stayed at the house while everyone else went out. There was a book on the table so I started reading it - The Amityville Horror. There were drawings of flies on the first page of some chapters. Every time I turned to those pages a live fly landed on the page. When I got to a part about a pig squealing I swear I heard one right outside the window. Everything in the book happened at a certain time, I think it was 3:17AM. I woke up that night and looked at the clock - 3:17. Worst part was, when I told my friends about it the next day, they said they didn't have a copy of the book.


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                            I've had many of them. Virtually every time I've ever had one, I involuntarily became cautious and alert. In doing so, I've always either almost immediately observed something completely unexpected or avoided something really nasty, or both.

                            Late last year I was in the wilds in NE TX walking in the very early morning, right around dawn, when I detected movement near the top of a hill about 500 yards away and 500-600' above my position. I couldn't see what the movement was at first, but the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up and I uncharacteristically felt very spooked and skittish. I didn't like my position out in the open, without cover, so I immediately dropped low to the ground and faded 20 yards to my right and merged into tall shrubs and the beginnings of a forest.

                            The movement on the hill transformed itself into something I've never seen before or since: a 4-legged canine-like creature that weighed around 50-60 lbs, stood about 32" tall, but was hairless, its long thin body bizarrely mottled in different shades of black and white and gray, with a hairless long rat's tail. It moved in a way I have never seen any dog or coyote or canine-like animal move; it sort of creeped and flowed along the ground, with no bounce to its gait at all. It has a very predatory-like head. I thought I could see straight fangs or incisors protruding from its lower jaw up on both sides of its face, sort of like some big hogs do.

                            But this was no hog.

                            I quickly adjusted the scope on my rifle up to its max power of 14x, braced my rifle on the side of a tree, and examined the creature at length through my scope. The closest thing it very remotely reminded me of was a hyena, except that it was smaller, moved differently, and it did not have a hyena's hunched back. It was about the most hideous creature I've ever seen.

                            A few moments later a coyote appeared from the treeline on the hill. The coyote spotted the creature, paused for a few moments, then approached the freakish creature. Coyote and creature stood nose to nose about 2-4' apart for about 10-15 seconds, then each went their separate ways. It was apparent that the coyote and the creature "knew" each other and did not find each other to be a threat at all. I've seen hundreds, probably thousands, of coyotes in my life; the freakish creature was no coyote. Nor was it any kind of wolf or fox or badger or skunk.

                            Some people have told me that what I saw on that hill was a coyote or a dog with severe mange. I disagree. I've seen dogs with mange and I've looked at many pictures of dogs with severe mange and have never seen anything in a picture or anywhere else that even remotely resembled what I saw up there on that hill.

                            I had the creature in my crosshairs. Range, taking into account the angled shot up the hill, was probably around 425-450 yards. There was a steady 15 mph crosswind. I had my 257 AI with me loaded with very flat-shooting 100-grain Ballistic Tips. I had a decent rest and I know the trajectory of my rifle out to 500 yards. I very likely could have made the shot.

                            And I very seriously considered taking the shot, but I did not. I mightily wish, however, that I had had a telephoto lenses and a good camera.

                            I certainly would not have wanted to encounter that freakish creature at close range. Even though the creature was over 400 yards away, if it had turned toward me and made any kind of hostile approaching moves, I would have taken it out in a heartbeat, and if I had missed, I would climbed the nearest tall tree and gotten my Beretta out and ready.

                            I have heard that there is some sort of weird, bizarre, semi-mythical creature in parts of Texas that kinda maybe fits the description of what I saw, but I don't even know the name of such a creature or if it really exists. What I know for sure is that I have no idea what it is I saw.

                            Anyone care to venture a guess?



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                              Ive seen things in the woods that I have trouble believing even though I experienced them firsthand...I wont even begin to try to convince you...




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