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I live in WI and I recently heard something about a man, Kevin Natz of Oconto County, is facing charges for poisoning about 200

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  • I live in WI and I recently heard something about a man, Kevin Natz of Oconto County, is facing charges for poisoning about 200

    I live in WI and I recently heard something about a man, Kevin Natz of Oconto County, is facing charges for poisoning about 200 turkeys earlier this winter. Has anybody else heard about this? I cant seem to find more info on the subject?

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    ... returned to the Waukesha County Jail ... Wis. (AP) - A farmer in Oconto County is charged with three felonies for poisoning wild turkeys. ... with corn and poisoned 200 turkeys ...
    Conservation wardens are investigating the intentional poisoning of about 200 wild turkeys in a wooded area near a farm in north-central Oconto County.

    Wardens found the dead turkeys while responding to a tip on the state Department of Natural Resources' hot line.

    "The responsible party has been identified and will be referred to the district attorney for charges once the investigation has been completed," regional warden Byron Goetsch said.

    The suspect may face civil and criminal charges. In addition, the court could assess statutory wildlife restitution surcharges of $175 per turkey.

    The DNR believes the public, pets, additional turkeys and the environment are not at risk of exposure to the type of poisoned bait believed to be used.

    The bait is being tested in a laboratory to confirm the type of poison, Goetsch said.

    "Once the substance is confirmed, we will make further evaluation and take appropriate steps," Goetsch said.

    Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact the 24-hour DNR hot line at (800) 847-9367.

    200 wild turkeys poisoned in Oconto County, DNR says
    By Lee Bergquist of the Journal Sentinel

    Posted: Feb. 6, 2009

    About 200 wild turkeys have been fatally poisoned in Oconto County in northeastern Wisconsin, the state Department of Natural Resources said Friday.

    The DNR said it has identified the person believed to have killed the turkeys, which were found in a wooded area near a farm in north central Oconto County. Wardens responded after receiving information from the DNR's tip line.

    The poisoning is the latest in a string of assaults against wildlife this winter. In other cases, snowmobilers have killed deer and ducks in Waupaca, Fond du Lac and Jefferson counties.

    "This is very disconcerting," said Byron Goetsch, a regional DNR warden in northeastern Wisconsin, where all but the Jefferson County case were handled. "It really isn't representative of the people in this area."

    The DNR has contacted the Oconto County district attorney's office, which declined to comment.

    Goetsch declined to identify the suspect or poison used or say when the poisoning occurred, other than to say the turkeys were found in the last two weeks.

    Two or three crows also might have been poisoned, Goetsch said.

    An aerial survey of the area showed no other wildlife were harmed.

    In another case in Waupaca County, three men were charged in what authorities believe was a "thrill kill" of five deer while riding their snowmobiles.

    In Fond du Lac County, a man has been charged with killing 57 mallards while driving at speeds of up to 80 mph over water.

    In a case on the Rock River in Fort Atkinson, snowmobilers are believed to be responsible for killing about 60 ducks.

    The DNR tip line is (800) 847-9367


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      That boy is in deep WOW DO I NEED TO GO THERE!


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        Wrong name. It was Mark Kostreva, 50, of Pound. You can read the full complaint online. I found it on Fox-11 site.

        Kostreva told investigators he had repeated problems with turkeys eating the feed on his farm, so he mixed antifreeze with corn and placed it out for the turkeys.


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          Good answer Dances with Deer and A + 1 for you!!!




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