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I feel that in todays world we need more leadership at the grass roots level to support shooting sports and our youth. We need m

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  • I feel that in todays world we need more leadership at the grass roots level to support shooting sports and our youth. We need m

    I feel that in todays world we need more leadership at the grass roots level to support shooting sports and our youth. We need more concerned individuals taking the lead in developing young hunters and shooters. Be it 4-H Shooting Sports, a local trap and skeet league, or youth hunting opportunities what can YOU DO?

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    teach others the important and saftey of guns and hunting. The greatest person to teach it to your son.


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      You can offer to take local kids hunting and fishing if their parents accept. Say kids that are in groups like boy scouts and other groups like that. Or go to the local school and spread the word about the trap shooting. MAke discounts for young shooters at sportsmans clubs, maybe even offer hunting classes or classes that teach you how to shoot.


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        I am currently teaching four young boys how to hunt. Their ages range from eight to fifteen. It is not hard to find someone who wants to learn how to hunt. The question is are YOU willing to invest the time and money in the next generation of sportsmen?


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          I just try and take as many kids out into the field as I can. I have a cousin who I started taking when he was 6, now he is 14, and quite the outdoorsman. I now have my own little guys to teach the ways of the woods to, and to hand down family traditions. They are 3 and 4, and I can't wait for all the adventures we will have together over the next several years.


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            Without help from the top, GOOD LUCK!


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              Good question Beekeeper, but back at you. What do you do? Some examples of what you do could help others. Maybe you should write an article, they print good submitted articles I do believe.


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                I teach my daughters and everytime they get a hardheaded boyfriend, he learns by default. Kind of like baiting deer.


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                  Last year I emailed all the major firearm manufactures and for 2009 I haven’t seen any knew items for youths.


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                    Teaching my kids and have offered to teach their friends(parents permitting) and I volunteer myself and my dog for youth upland days and last year my daughter and I helped with the waterfowl youth hunt held in our county, I currently work on a 12,000 acre farm and have been considering pitching the owner/boss on opening up part of it for youth day this year and getting some of the other guys to help out. We need all the help we can get, but every bit helps even something you think doesn't matter I was at a gun shop last fall and another gentleman asked what I thought was a good youth shotgun I gave my honest opinion, turns out last weekend this same gentleman approached me in another big name retailer (sorry I didn't recognize him) and he told me where he remembered me from and said that he now has a hunting buddy because he actually bought his kid that gun I honestly didn;t think anything of the first conversation, now I can't help but wonder at what an impact a small comment made to somebody.


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                      Land man Land! It's so pitiful the land being zoned so as nothing of that sort of thing could possibly happen. Our local college team has to drive twenty miles to shoot clays, but they had an offer for some ground close, but zoning cancelled that.


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                        Mentor. Get involved with area clubs. Our RGS chapter has held youth hunts - stations where kids shoot trap with tips from a top competitor, reload, learn about trapping and turkey hunting, flyfish, and then shoot a couple of birds over dogs.

                        A local gun & archery club has an active youth program and offers an incredible Hunters Safety program - perfect test scorers get a day at a pheasant farm.

                        A western Michigan Pheasants Forever chapter gets over 800 (eight hundred!!!) kids out for a day at a gun club every year.

                        USSA has the Trailblazer program - 70,000 kids and counting.

                        Just get involved.


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                          I take a friends son with me everytime I go out. It doesn't matter if I'm hunting or fishing he wants to go. I should say if hes not in school he goes.


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                            Recently, I essentially forced a big handful of my friends to get into hunting. I just got them addicted to guns, so the hunting part comes easier. I told them all that they have no choice...every one of them will kill a turkey this year, and they're doing it on tape. We'll see how this works out. Hold on to your butts. Maybe I'll get a reality TV show out of this?!?

                            I've gotten people both younger and older into the sport before, but this is my biggest undertaking. I hope I can just get crazier from here. I'm starting to get more fun out of seeing them do it than I do myself. OK that's a lie but man is it fun.


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                              Kkeltic, thanks for the idea and good question!

                              Here is my resume:

                              I have been a hunter ed instructor for over 20 years. with over 50 teaching hours per year.

                              I serve as a coach/advisor for a 4-H Shooting sports team. Shotgun and archery.

                              I take youth that otherwise would not have an opportunity to hunt on Adult/Child WMA hunts and hunts on private property. Smallgame and big game both.

                              How about you?




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