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what do you guys and gals think of obama's pick for the supreme court?

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  • what do you guys and gals think of obama's pick for the supreme court?

    what do you guys and gals think of obama's pick for the supreme court?

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    Would it be non-PC to say that I'm more than a little disappointed? I would hate to break the mold...


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      I've just learned of it, and I hope to get a better idea of her experience and opinions. I'm curious what she'll bring to the table, and concerned that this administration is unlikely to appoint a conservative perspective to the Supreme Court. In truth, I know nothing about this person at this point, but I hope to learn more very shortly.


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        She is just like obama, same mind just differant body parts. That should tell you enough,if not think about it this way. She is someone who believes the Government gives the people their RIGHTS not the CONSTITUION.


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          I don't see any mention of a "husband."

          They're not even showing a puppet figure so far.

          And she looks like a...

          And her track record is supportive of homosexuality.

          Obama already has one on his staff who has managed to hold on despite being outed.

          His defense was, "nobody is better qualified to make decisions regarding homosexuality and drug abuse than myself."

          Looks like a political power that has stayed in the background has decided to come out and show who's boss.


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            i think it was a choice based not on experiance but for political gain


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              not much


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                the article in the paper stated that she felt that the 2nd ammendment was a right given to the people and guarenteed.
                she said "there is no question that the Second Ammendment quarantees individuals the right to keep and bear arms and that this right, like others in the constitution, provides strong, although not unlimited protection against governmental regulation".
                The Daily Times Call, Longmont,CO
                what exactly does being a lesbian have to do with this?


                • #9
                  That's politics.

                  And it guarantees support from a very large body of voters.

                  The obvious is that it's forbidden by God.

                  Once committed to such filth, anything goes.

                  And I mean anything.

                  You can expect her to have the same sense of responsibility as a certain oil drilling company.

                  It makes her a part of a very large political coalition.

                  I have personal experience with this, so I know the dangers.

                  You can't appreciate it fully until they flex and you wake up in jail on false charges and spend a long time there because they insisted upon civil rights violations.

                  For another example, the newly-elected mayor of Portland was discovered to have been having an affair with an underaged male while running for office, which he had denied.

                  After he was elected, he admitted his affair, but insisted that his lover was 18 at the time.

                  Such a person will do and say anything.

                  He was able to remain in office because of political connections, despite best efforts to legally unseat him.

                  When they work together, the Velvet Mafia, they lay the groundwork for self-perpetuation.

                  The 2nd amendment will stand, with or without the support of politicians, as long as the military exists.

                  They are an unheralded power.

                  They may be the most powerful political power on Earth.

                  Never doubt their clout.

                  Homosexuals have got to go.

                  I've had other extremely negative experiences with homosexuals that I do not want to revisit.

                  Having been on college campuses in the 60's, I received all the indoctrination of screaming liberals.

                  They don't care.

                  They have been punished all their lives and hate straight people despite any attitude you may be harboring.

                  It has nothing to do with Lesbianness, per se.

                  If they were Tiddly Winks Players, and if they had been discriminated against all their lives, and excluded, they would have exactly the same attitude, and present the same kind of danger.


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                    The little that i know about her, aside from the fact that she's not a judge, isn't as bad as we might expect from NObama. She has spoken against late-term abortion (gruesome), for the 2A, in favor of more scrutiny before sitting nominees to the HighCourt, and has made some common sense statements regarding those serving in the military and about terror suspects.
                    Would she be my choice or would i be happy if a rightwinger appointed her?, but at least she's not Billary.


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                      Honestly I don't particularly like her. But that said she may be about as good as we are likely to get out of this administration and is probably less objectionable than Stevens.


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                        Wouldn't it be nice if her lack of a paper trail were to backfire on Obama?


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                          Why would a liberal lesbian with no judicial experience being nominated by a liberal leftist with no leadership experience nor qualifications to hold his office suprise you?


                          • #14
                            I don't know anything about her, but I'll find out and make my judgment.

                            P.S. stanleyda, neither the Consitution nor the government give people their rights. Rights are innate to a person because he is a person. The government's job--it's one and only proper function--is to protect these rights, which consist only of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (ie, there is no "right" to healthcare, no "right" to a retirement fund, no "right" to anything that depends on any other person). Our Constitution lays out the particulars of how our government is to protect our rights, and I, like you, hate to see it twisted and outright ignored.


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                              I think she's another Obama trojan horse, disguised to look non-threatening, but full of liberal attackers. Call your senator today!!!




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