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Where to Farm Skinning in wow Shadowlands and What Are the Top Locations?

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  • Where to Farm Skinning in wow Shadowlands and What Are the Top Locations?

    WoW Shadowlands introduced many incredible and highly profitable locations for Skinning. The two primary zones for farming are Ardenweald and Bastion. That’s because these zones have the biggest amount of beasts near each other, so you can slay and loot them without relocating all day long. However, Revendreth has a few fantastic spots that you need to check out as well.

    These are the best locations for farming Skinning in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.
    The Caves in Bastion

    In the center of Bastion, in the cliffs around Hero’s Rest, there are a couple of caves that make excellent farming spots. These caves are built with entirely new models in WoW and are usually on two floors. The only mobs that you’ll encounter there are Agitated Etherwyrms. These serpentine creatures are beasts and, of course, skinnable.

    We suggest bringing a friend there because one of you can clear the upper floor, while the other one is busy on the bottom. Don’t be confused if you only find around ten mobs in total there. These caves are hyperspawn locations, so the more mobs you kill, the faster they will spawn. You have the potential of making over 80k gold per hour if you really commit yourself.
    The Map Location of the Caves in Bastion Gold-Farming Spot in WoW Shadowlands,WoW skinning guide
    The Caves in Bastion – Location on the Map

    Some consider the cave in the upper right cliff to be the single-best spot for skinning in Shadowlands. And that is why it’s very likely that you’ll encounter other gold farmers there, so expect some competition.
    The Northern Parts of Bastion

    Bastion, in general, has an abundance of free beasts just roaming around the zone. But the road between Hero’s Rest and The Eternal Forge in Bastion is perhaps one of the most profitable farms you can do. In this drawn area, you can take over 100 mobs in 5-7 pulls, depending on how tanky you are.

    The beasts are varied, from vulpins to unicorns, lions, and moths. Most of them aren’t even hostile, so you can aggro as many as you want. But the best part about this spot is the fact that there is no waiting time at all. You can literally start from one end, kill and skin everything, and by the time you get back, the mobs will be all respawned. It’s a very profitable and a very chill farm that you can do solo.
    The Map Location of the Northern Parts of Bastion WoW Gold Farming Spot in Shadowlands
    The Northern Parts of Bastion – Location on the Map
    The Glimmerfur Denwatchers in Ardenweald

    North of the entrance to the Mists of Tirna Scithe dungeon in Ardenweald, there is a small area that’s overcrowded with Glimmerfur Denwatchers and Glimmerfur Vulpins. Similar to the previous farm, these beasts aren’t hostile but are more than plentiful. You can pull up to 15 or more mobs at once, time after time. And with enough speed, you can trigger an insane hyperspawn that can get you a profit well over 80-90k gold per hour.

    This might be the most optimal guide location for making gold with skinning in WoW because the mobs are grouped together in a tight spot. So you won’t be spending too much time running around, but instead actually profiting.
    The Map Location of The Glimmerfur Denwatchers in Ardenweald Wow Gold Farming Spot in WoW Shadowlands
    The Glimmerfur Denwatchers in Ardenweald – Location on the Map
    The Gormhive in Ardenweald

    Gormhive is one of those places that’s like Heaven to farm gold in WoW. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Gorm Rampagers just walking around. But the reason why this is one of the best spots for skinning in Shadowlands is that there are also tons of quests, world quests, and covenant objectives that other people are doing all the time. They’re constantly killing the beasts, without even having Skinning as a profession.

    You don’t have to enter a group or anything of that sort. Just tag all the mobs that you see and collect the leather after everyone is gone. Also, there are smaller mobs called Evolving Mites, which are skinnable as well, and you can one-shot them with every class. The place is practically swarming with them.
    The Map Location of the Gormhive in Ardenweald Gold-Farming Spot in WoW Shadowlands
    The Gormhive in Ardenweald – Location on the Map
    The Pond Below Darkhaven in Revendreth

    If you jump under the bridge in the pond just below Darkhaven, you’ll spot many spiders. These are called Ebon Crawlers and are accompanied by their Hatchlings. Note that the Ebon Crawler Hatchlings aren’t skinnable. Still, there are more than enough big spiders for you to be very profitable.

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