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WOW Classic - You literally can get Gressil the proper way through a raid

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  • WOW Classic - You literally can get Gressil the proper way through a raid

    If you're thinking of getting your hands on Gressil, Dawn of Ruin in World of Warcraft: Classic, you don't need to get from someone for an insane amount of WOW Classic Gold. With the proper roll, you'll earn it the right way through a raid.

    Looting for Gressil

    Gressil is one possible reward for defeating Kel'Thuzad, the ultimate boss within the Naxxramas raid. alongside a 500 reputation boost for Argent Dawn, this one-handed sword features a 24% chance of dropping once you kill Kel'Thuzad. Compared to a number of the opposite possible rewards, just like the Hungering Cold sword or the Soulseeker staff, your odds of acquiring Gressil are better.

    What makes Gressil special

    You may wonder what the large deal is a few swords, especially one that isn't the rarest for an end-of-raid instance (that honor belongs to The Hungering Cold). before the Burning Crusade expansion, Gressil was one of the simplest weapons you'll find for a rogue that isn't a dagger. This level 60 sword clocks in at 73.15 DPS, with a 138-257 damage range and a +15 Stamina boost. While equipped, you furthermore may get a bonus of +40 Attack, which could cause you to desire you'll suddenly start tanking as a rogue in WoW Classic (please don't).

    This kind of attack power is generally reserved for two-handed axes. In fact, Gressil has one higher attack value than the Arcanite Reaper, a two-handed axe that dwarfs Gressil in appearance. Stand these weapons next to every other and you'd be amazed at their similarities in strength. Put Gressil within the hands of a warrior and you've got yourself a lethal combination.

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    Your loot distribution sounds shitty and that is something you should have noticed before going in Naxx.

    But to be honest, you shouldn't raid for loot. It doesn't change the gameplay, it barely impacts Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox your parse.
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