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Today I went squirrel hunting for the fifth time. It was poring rain but nevertheless I saw three squirrels. However, I havn't g

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    Thank you all again for the great tips.
    I hunt with a 12 gauge Remington express with a modified choke and six shot. I was aways told that a shotgun has "clean kill" range of 30 yard. Anyway, Do you think I should get a .22. Is it worth it for the added range.


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      I normaly head out every fall to hunt squirrel, one of my favorite hunts every year and I love doing it, some years are better than others, some times I can spend a day and get two or three a day an some days I am lucky to get one. All of the above advice is great and exactly what I do, I live in AZ so I usually go between the food and water source, thats were I get most of them. I have used a 410 shotgun to hunt them but most of the time I use my 22lr. that is the one that I use 99% of the time. yes getting the head shot takes more acuracy but for me I gain distance and can still take them out of a tree when my shotgun wouldnt be able to. the above advice is the best, have patience, take the time to listen and look. what I do is find that spot to sit and as I sit a start to scan the trees, and I look for anything in a branch that looks to be abnormal. sometimes its just the way the branch grows, and somtimes its not. One other thing that I have found out is that if I jump one and spook them and I have them up a tree that some squirrels will go to the top and lay down on a branch with the leaves between me and them. This takes some time and some hard looking at all of the branches, but has paid off for me. hope that it helps


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        If you are worried about the trajectory of a 22 try a pellet rifle they make many calibers and many configurations. I own two a 22 and a 177 they are almost the same in velocity, around 900-1000 feet per second. They are very accurate and pack plenty of punch for your common 20-50 yard shots. You can find them at a variety of sporting good stores and even walmart. Typically cost any were from 50-200 dollars. Keep I mind that you get what you pay for. They also have the perk the the are also a lot quieter then a shotgun and 22. Good luck and good hunting


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          1)the lazy method- sit down and wait for the squirrels. once you see them you know your in a good spot. Anything within the 50 yard range should be a good shot for a .22.

          2) the crazy way- (my favourite way to hunt squirrels.) grab a shotgun, usually a 410 or a 20 gauge will do. I like to use a single shot for squirrels. Walk through the woods and spot the squirrel. Next keep your eye on him and sprint right at him. The squirrel will get to scared and go up a tree that he doesn't wanna be in. Go to one side of the tree and throw a couple of big rocks or sticks on the other side of the tree. If that doesn't work which will usually do but if it doesn't run around the base of the tree and he is bound to make a stupid move sooner or later.


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            Squirrels are far better at spotting hunters than vice versa. Inexperienced hunters move way too much. The only way to neutralize their advantage is to be still and let the squirrels move.

            You are hunting later in the day. The single best approach I know of is to get into the woods before daylight, find a spot and sit down. As dawn arrives and the woods wake,the squirrels will come out and move about. You'll have plenty of shots. If you can only hunt in the afternoons, your best hunting will be late towards sunset. Find a spot and sit down!

            Take hunting seriously. Don't put your gun down. Have it in your hands, on your lap if sitting. If you spot a squirrel, don't move, watch it, and move only when the squirrel is moving or its head is behind cover and it can't see you. Use a tight choke (full or modified), #6 shot, and shoot if you're within 35 yards. Put the bead on the squirrel's head, and don't jerk the trigger.


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              Originally posted by thehunter98.6 View Post
              Thank you all for the thorough and informative answers.

              Teodora and others: I hunt a variety of woodlands, on my grandparents 30 acres there is a really open forest with very tall trees. I have found many hickory and beech cuttings. Last year I got 2 red squirrels and a fox squirrel there although I have seen many squirrels here including two black squirrels. On public land I've hunted open woods and dense woods with smaller shorter trees closer together with a lot of ground cover. I haven't really found any cuttings on public land although I have seen some squirrels there. I usually hunt noon to mid afternoon, my dad doesn't want to wake up early to hunt squirrel. I hunt by slowly walking through the woods and waiting whenever I see/hear a squirrel. I haven't been able to find any nut cuttings so this has been my strategy. I also use a squirrel call but I don't know if it helps. I mostly see fox squirrels and sometimes red squirrels. I've also seen three black squirrels and a gray squirrel. MY two biggest problems have been actually seeing squirrels and if I do see them, getting close enough to shoot them. Here are several situations that I've been in.

              1. 60 yards away I see a gray squirrel on a tree. I sneak in to about 25 yards from the tree and I lose sight of him. It starts to rain moderately as I wait by the tree and never see him for the rest of the hunt.- mid afternoon

              2. It's raining heavily and I'm sitting under a tree waiting for the rain to slack off. My gun is leaning on the tree. I look to my right and a black squirrel is on a tree. I pick up my gun as he bolts across the forest floor about 2o yards away through thick brush. I don't shoot because of the thick brush.-mid afternoon

              3. About 70 yards away I see squirrel walk across a log on the forest floor. I walk to within 20 yards of the log and wait. Nothing happens. It's raining lightly.- mid afternoon

              4. A squirrel runs across a log far away. A few minutes later I see that fox squirrel digging about 20 yards away. I move for a clear shot and scare it away. I was about to shoot but I was too slow. Not raining.- noon

              5. About 45 yards away I see a fox squirrel sitting on a log eating a nut. It finishes and starts walking away down a hill and I lose sight of it. 10 minutes later I walk to the hill and nothing is around. It's late evening and I go home.

              Maybe you guys could help to tell me what I should have done in these situations. Should I start to use a .22, or stick with the shotgun? would it be best if I used a .22 and my dad used a shotgun? One last thing- I wear hunter orange for safety.
              Your moving way to much. I use a 20 ga. O/U, full choke bottom barrel, turkey loads. Upper barrel modified choke #8 for close up stuff. The turkey loads I wouldn't try to go much over 45 yrds, but it does a number on them. Anything over that, if there in trees, get em up high, walk up on them slowly with in 45 yrds and smoke em. But your using a 12 ga., another 10 or 15 yrds in distance. Then smoke em. So a 55 yrd shot with a cheap turkey load shouldn't be unheard of I wouldnt think. Even on the ground, sitting on stumps, logs whatever, you don't need to be on top of them for a shot. 35 to 50 yrds for you should do fine. Just aim at the tip of there ear. Stop laying your gun down.


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                Find Red Oak trees in close proximity to old trees with lots of cavities. White Oak patches are good for squirrel too but seasonally, their acorns germinate to fast for storage. Beech trees by Red Oaks with grapevine and dogwood under them. Killer squirrel spot.




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