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    Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post
    Last hunting license I bought was $56.
    You buy the license then you have to buy a $20 deer tag. To fully tag out, seven deer, it costs $140 for tags. That's $196 for all deer tags. Then there is the turkey tags. Three annually, so figure another $30.
    So, for a full year, tags and license will cost a resident hunter $226!
    That doesn't include access fees to some of Oklahoma's management areas.
    Oh yeah, Fed Duck stamp.

    In Texas, you purchase a "Combination Hunting and Fishing" license. I think it's like, $75 now.
    That comes with all appropriate annual tags for whitetail, mule deer and turkeys.
    There is an archery stamp and some salt water fishing stamps or tags, but for the single sum, you get all the tags you're allowed in a year.
    Does the state of Oklahoma have some kind of anti-hunting agenda? Those tag fees are surprising.


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      I buy most online. The amount of buying has diminished though since I have a lifetime license in Georgia where I do most of my hunting and fishing.


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        Originally posted by MattM37 View Post

        What do you mean by a back-tag credit card?
        Lifetime NY license is a credit card type and size license. Only tags are paper.


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          Originally posted by MattM37 View Post

          Does the state of Oklahoma have some kind of anti-hunting agenda? Those tag fees are surprising.
          MattM37, I live within 11 miles of the Red River. One place I hunt, I'm within 50 yards of Red River and can see into Texas.

          Texas deer season opens Nov 1 and runs through about Jan 15.
          Oklahoma has a 9 day (Sat through the following Sunday) Primitive Arms (muzzle loader) season.
          Deer - Regular Gun opens the Saturday before Thanksgiving and closes the first Sunday in December. Two weeks! (16 days)
          Oklahoma also has a one week (9 day) "Bonus Antlerless" season between Christmas and New Years.

          If you're an Oklahoma hunter and not an archery hunter, trigger time is short. Holding out for a "bigger buck" may mean no meat in the freezer.

          Oklahoma has gazoodles of deer!
          Why the hell can't WE have a 2 month season too?

          I probably need to quit complaining. When we moved up here in 2002, season was only 9 days! (one week!)

          Personally, I think that because we only have a short season, it encourages people who may not have time to get out to poach.
          If you can't find a couple of days or a weekend or two in a two month season, you don't need to be hunting anyway!

          P.S. - Texas and Oklahoma have similar "Archery" seasons. Oct 1 through about mid Jan.
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