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What game do you plan to hunt this fall/winter?

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  • What game do you plan to hunt this fall/winter?

    I received 4 tags in the mail last week: 1-cow elk, 1-buck antelope, and 2-doe antelope tags.
    I will buy my general buck deer tag over the counter.
    I will also likely buy some leftover whitetail doe permits over the counter too.
    I will be using my 280 AI center-grip XP-100 for the cow elk hunt, and I haven't decided what I will use for the antelope and deer yet.

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    Just the standard fare in Central New York, fall turkey and whitetail deer. Our turkey numbers are about the best in the past several years, after a big downturn and then spotty comebacks here and there.

    I've always enjoyed small game, too, just the general walk-around, mixed-bag days -- really just enjoying the woods and seeing what there is to see -- but that's become more of a post-deer-season, wintertime thing due to the abundance of ticks. Our grouse and rabbit seasons go through the end of February.


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      If, and that's a big "IF", I get to do any hunting at all, I'm hoping for deer and turkey.
      If not....Que sera, sera!


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        Time is getting short but I’m trying to decide on a traveling bird hunt with the Kid for a week.

        It’s his senior year of HS so it’s likely the last chance we’ll get for a few years. That and my younger Britt will be 8 in November, not many Octobers left for her to do her thing and the last couple have been mostly a bust.

        Hang up is our 3 day Youth Deer Season over the Columbus Day weekend. It’s my daughter’s last time for that so we’ll be home. If it happens she tags out on Monday and the temps are warm I’ll need another day for butchering. I’m already planning on taking 10 days off that month, just haven’t figured out exactly when.

        Other than that typical Archery, Rifle and then Muzzleloader seasons for deer and some bird hunting mixed in around here. Maybe a Turkey if opportunity presents itself.
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          Deer, Goose , Grouse and Rabbit / Snowshoe hare.

          I also plan on running my own trap line this year.


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            Originally posted by Danbo View Post
            Deer, Goose , Grouse and Rabbit / Snowshoe hare.

            I also plan on running my own trap line this year.
            What critters? Just curious. Personally I think the beavers need thinning out.


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              Rats and mink mainly but will try for Coyotes also. My brother does some beaver trapping around Tully lake and some other properties.


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                Prairie dogs and coyotes are in the mix too


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                  A friend has one and says it is very, very accurate. If you chronograph the S&B you will find they over state their balistics. I found that out with the .303 British.


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                    Originally posted by PigHunter
                    I'll hunt squirrels for a few weeks starting late September to mid October. Some of it will be with my Dad's old Winchester 74 semi-auto and some will be with a suppressed Ruger American Rimfire. May even use a single-shot 12 gauge a time or two or a suppressed Ruger MK III.

                    Mid October to Mid November will be archery deer, mainly with a PSE crossbow. There's a possibility I may use the old PSE compound but that will take much more practice. I'll be in a lease this season and will be hunting over bait.

                    Special muzzleloader season lasts 5 days in mid November and I'll try to go at least one time. The CVA Electra with electronic ignition will be my primary rifle. 50 caliber with 240gr XTP sabot over 100gr of loose triple seven.

                    Late November to early February is modern rifle season. The primary rifle will be a suppressed Ruger American Predator in 6.5CM. I may use up to 6 different rifles, depending on my mood.

                    Pigs are always targets of opportunity. They're more likely to be found on public land and I hope to get to the WMA's a few times.

                    We don't have a tag system and there's a three buck limit. Does are one per day and there's no limit on pigs.
                    Are the ticks heavy ? What do you do for them ? We have three kinds in Ohio that are a concern.


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                      Moose, deer and grouse/snowshoe hare. My dad was lucky enough to draw a bull moose tag in Maine this year and I'm his sub-permittee. This will be my second moose hunt and his first. It's in a great zone and just a 5 mile drive from the family cabin. Deer will be in Maine and Connecticut. Looking forward to the fall!


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                        Maybe deer if I’m lucky.


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                          I plan a few days of pheasant hunting, using doubles only this year. O/U and SXS. I'll leave the 870 in the cabinet.


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                            Originally posted by franchi20 View Post
                            I plan a few days of pheasant hunting, using doubles only this year. O/U and SXS. I'll leave the 870 in the cabinet.
                            You prairie folks, are there still a lot of 16 gauge guns up there?
                            I hear they are really popular with the "pheasant" crowd.


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                              I still have one




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