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  • "GUT" instinct

    As a young man, I struggled hard to be a successful "deer hunter".
    I hunted stands and sites that others selected. If there wasn't a well used trail, I was clueless.
    Dad and me headed out one afternoon to squirrel hunt. It was a little to breezy, so dad tells me, "I think I'll sit down right here and kill a deer."
    "Uhhmmm....okay." and I proceeded to jump shoot woodies along Keechi creek.
    Sure enough, about an hour before dark, I heard dad shoot and went to him. By the time we "smokepoled" the buck out of the bottom, it was black dark.
    Back in camp, I asked him, "How do you do that?"
    It wasn't the first time I had seen him do the same thing.
    The only answer I ever got was, "It just felt right."
    Dad passed just before my 30th b'day and I never understood his answer.

    About 15(+/-) years ago, I wanted a big, fat doe to turn into ground meat. As I headed to my stand, I was crossing a wide open field with a single big pecan tree right in the middle.
    As I approached the tree, the urge to sit down beside it grew. It made "NO" sense, but I obeyed the urge.
    It wasn't 30 minutes later, a HUGE doe came out of nowhere, headed God only knows where and gave me a broadside, 50 yard shot!

    Dad's statement "FINALLY" made sense!
    I call it "gut instinct".
    Many times since then, I've finally become aware of that little niggling feeling that seems to tell you, "Right here."
    It doesn't seem to work every time, but it works often enough for me to make listening worthwhile.

    Do you "listen" to YOUR "gut instinct"?

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    Yeah ! When I see trains going by real fast. It is my gut instinct that tells me not to get in front of one !!

    But to be honest Bubba, it has happened a few times. It has also told me a few times not to sit ‘there’, but it is almost then impossible to know if it was correct or not, how would one know .........!


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      Bubba, thanks for posting this. I guess you can call it gut instinct but I just call it either experience or luck.

      I was in my early 30's before seriously trying to hunt deer. At first I picked stand sites that offered excellent fields of fire for my rifle. Nice open areas. Not even one deer ever appeared in those places. In Alabama the deer stay hidden during much of the day and only food, bait, or rut will get them out into the open.

      Later as a guest in Kentucky, I found the 10-day season and less cover meant easy shots were common. But I'd learned my lessons in Alabama. The creek bottoms with thicker growth have been excellent spots for me here in my home state.

      Seldom do I rely on gut instinct. My hunting spot selection is often well thought out based on how I'm reading the wind, terrain, cover, available food, tracks, and trails. I've hunted the same WMA for over 25 years and by hard earned experience have a pretty good idea of where the deer bed and how they'll move when disturbed, going to food, or in rut. Heck, I've even patterned the other hunters and sometimes use them to drive game my way.




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