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Good luck this weekend!

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  • Good luck this weekend!

    Heading out on 2 hrs sleep. Cold came through....wind rain and snow Wed/Thurs.
    Should be "on" this weekend here in midwest.
    Bow here, not gun for 2 weeks.

    Bucket list is P&Y w recurve, but if the 115" 8 point shows I'll have to try again next yr LOL............cause I'm gonna zip him!

    Who knows.............might just be squirrelapalooza.

    But I think not.

    Cuz is gonna meet me out there. I didn't want to get in late, or oversleep, so decided to not sleep

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    2 hrs ? Why so much ? It is a bummer to wake up and see tracks go right by your stand. If you snore it is even better, brings the curious in from a mile away.


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      Texas "Gun - Deer" opens today.
      Okla "Primitive Arms" closes tomorrow. (9 day season)
      Okla "Fall - Turkey - Gun" opens today. (9 day season)
      Okla "Reg Gun - Deer" opens the Saturday before T'giving. Closes first Sunday in Dec. (16 day season)

      For all the good I can do this year, they might as well be "drinking days"! LOL!


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        Best of luck CD2!

        It's archery season here in Alabama and the first weekend of cool weather. Today is for yard work but I may take the crossbow into the swamp tomorrow and look for pigs.

        Our gun season starts in three weeks preceded by primitive weapons for a few days. I'll probably take off work one of those days and hunt with the muzzleloader at my favorite WMA.


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          Snuck back, climbed up..before legal light.
          Didn't see or hear a deer LOL

          Got down and found a new rub, not big, across oak flat.
          Checked prev rub and two fresh scrapes.

          New stand hung by that. Not happy w setup but doable.
          Hunt it tomorrow AM then move it higher.

          Have not hung stands since 2016.
          Took it out of me today. Loss of mobility made it twice the effort (arthritis in spine). Pulled up heavy steel stand by bow rope, forgot to add a step to loop over to take load off, so pulled up w one arm, raised it above head and bit on line, let go of rope and grab again low w hand. Repeat repeat repeat etc.

          Still got a few good chompers LOL Cuz just shook his head. I will not climb w a stand over my shoulder like the good ol days. My balance is screwed w my back issues.

          Wind picked up around 10, bad. Shocked we didn't see anything before.
          Cuz said he might have heard one behind in the thick stuff where he was at.

          Take the ol lady out to eat, hit Rural King, shoot a few arrows in back yard and prepare for tomorrow. Cuz is putting his hitch haul on his Jeep..........told him it'll jinx us LOL.
          Last edited by CD2; 11-02-2019, 02:12 PM.


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            Ugh, heading back out LOL. Worried I'd oversleep, cat napped.
            Definitely a Mountain Dew Quick Start morning!


            As I was tying bow to haul line in the dark, a medium 8 pt came in to around 30 yards. After he left (too dark to shoot, even though right at legal light)....climbed in and saw 2 does cut across, then a smaller 8.
            I shot a tiny tree branch I didn't see. After he left I got down and removed the offending lumber. Then the goofy buck came by a couple times, and a doe bedded behing me at 30.

            Since my Cutthroat broadhead was muddy, decided to shoot a bit before leaving. I missed the little green leaf at 18 yards, but I scared it really bad.
            Popped something in my arm hanging that stand yesterday, so really sore (on forearm top side ahead of elbow). That, bad back and bundled up (wind right in face today)...........I can keep broadheads inside a 4" circle.........w bad arm. Not great but good enough for the 15 yard and in shooting that stand is set up for.

            I had a branch fall in neighboring tree, pushing branches down, blocking standing shots to scrape. That got pushed off and now its open. The missed shot was seated, and a little dark branch was right at his back line, halfway to him. I was focused on the spot I wanted to hit and flat out never saw it.

            Clean miss low.

            I did not climb into the Muddy Outfitter stand after I hung it yesterday.
            Did not attach foot rail. Glad I didn't. Stand is solid. Seat comfy but wont stay up when folded to that position.

            Very slight flex to platform grid, my other brand stand is like a trampoline. I had zero issues with balance and grew quit comfy standing in it.

            Not perfect, not as easy as my Ol Man Tara (I'd but a couple of them if they still made em).............but am not disappointed with the Muddy Outfitter stand. It is heavy but it's on secure and is comfortable enough for me. Cabelas shipped 140 bucks. I've wasted more money for less.

            Might even buy another one. Use that to replace the POS other brand hang on.

            If less chance of theft, I'd invest in Lone Wolfs.
            Last edited by CD2; 11-03-2019, 01:24 PM.


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              Bucks were coming to the scrape but no chasing of does.
              Cuz said one followed another across bean field but turned back.


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                Steiner 10X are nice, but I'm jittery. Either need a harness or lay off the Dew (or buy 8X)


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                  Did you ever fall asleep and wake up after dark and not know where you are ?


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                    Originally posted by CD2 View Post
                    Steiner 10X are nice, but I'm jittery. Either need a harness or lay off the Dew (or buy 8X)
                    Save your nickels and dimes and get their Marine binocs with image stabilization.


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                      Ny dad has the marine ones w compass. Had the army ones before but they had to be fixed twice so the last time they replaced em w the blue version LOL


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                        Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post
                        Did you ever fall asleep and wake up after dark and not know where you are ?
                        I did sit down by a tree when a migraine hit and my buddy helped walk me back to vehicle.
                        If not I'd have eventually slept and proly froze to death.


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                          Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post
                          Did you ever fall asleep and wake up after dark and not know where you are ?
                          Maybe once or twice back in the day, but usually had to do with a night on the town.


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                            No stands here within a few thousand miles, lots of walking in the snow all weekend. Crust is loud in morning gone by mid day, not too deep so far, maybe 10" on average. Bow season started 3 months ago, private land ends in 3 more months. Hills get steeper with age.


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                              Yeah, I hunted some hilly ground at my old spot, one was a ridge, over 45 degrees, 90 yards. I could side step and run it back through my 40's.
                              Brother in law did bicycle rides, notoriously/famous "hilly" ones.
                              He could not keep up.

                              Hell I could run 2 miles at a good clip, up to age 42..........with zero practice.
                              I dunno WTH happened soon after.

                              Just went to hell over night.
                              So I did mountain biking and after New Years Day it'd take a day or two of hill climb and around town to blow the crud out. But in a week was already feeling good.

                              Then at age took 2 weeks of bicycle abuse to just get to zero.

                              LOL........I'd be a complete slob if I didn't push myself at work and at home. Heaven help folks that don't push through pain/discomfort.

                              I have a kid w health issues so try to show her that crap shouldn't slow ya down.
                              Work through it.

                              But right now my bow drawing arm is getting more screwed up by the hour.
                              See how it is when I wake up in 5 hrs and load up the Jeep.




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