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First rites of fall, today

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  • First rites of fall, today

    Bought the new hunting license, turkey permit, and habitat stamp today. What are you up to as you get ready for another fall hunting season?

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    The 65th year of my birth, I attempted to renew my "disability" hunting/fishing license.
    The lady in OKC asked me, "Why? At age 65, you qualify for a "Lifetime" hunting and fishing license for $25."
    No more annual tag, no tag for each deer hunted, no turkey tag! Just go hunting!

    Break my heart, make me cry!

    If I do any hunting this fall, I'll be left handed. Soon as this shoulder heals and the weather cools, I'll start training.


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      I'm ready. Have everything.


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        Thanks for the reminder Matt, the kids and I have lifetime licenses, but I still need to go put in for our doe tags. I did the license deal the last year they grandfathered the free DMP application, and I get the guaranteed landowner tag but we have to apply before Sept 1 same as everyone else.

        We moved one treestand a couple weeks ago, expanded the food plots in the spring and hung cameras a few weeks back. Otherwise in a holding pattern, although we have a couple ladder stands from the in-laws that we could set up somewhere.

        Pretty much set on Montana as well, except I'm in the second guessing stage on what to bring, buy and/or replace. Good excuse to upgrade some stuff I guess. The boy's cool with it as he gets any hand-me-downs.


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          Some persimmons are starting to drop into the yard from my tree beside the drive. A couple of whitetail are showing up almost every night now on the cameras. Still 10 weeks away from archery season...

          > Last week I started back to a regular gym routine to be in better shape for hunting. Bench press, dumbbell rows, and treadmill. I plan to air the mountain bicycle tires and start riding a few times per week.

          > During this past weekend, I organized hunting items and ammo, repacked my safety / survival items, replaced flashlight batteries.

          > Just today from Midway USA, I received 100 Barnes bullets for .300 BLK handloads. They are the 110 gr TAC-TX and will be an addition to the 60 rounds left over from last season.

          > Finally, I bought a new cap yesterday in Mossy Oak with the Auburn University logo. I probably will just wear it to the bar as an irritant to the U of A fans.


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            Got my Lifetime N.Y. tag in the mail the other day. All set for a quick trip opening day.




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