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Poetic justice? Suspected poacher killed by an elephant and eaten by lions.

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  • Poetic justice? Suspected poacher killed by an elephant and eaten by lions.

    I just read about a suspected rhino poacher in Africa, one of a party of four, that was killed by an elephant and his remains eaten by lions.
    After the man was stomped by the elephant, his companions dragged the body to a nearby road, and when they returned to recover it later, all that was left of him was his skull and a pair of pants.
    The group had apparently been after some endangered black rhino for the horn, used in oriental medicine as an aphrodisiac and more valuable than cocaine.
    I guess in that line of work, you win a few and you lose a few.
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    Money from trophy hunting could have turned him into a ranger guarding the animals instead of poaching. Also a lifting of restrictions on sales would free up all the legal horns that breeders have been saving in S Africa.

    It's terrible someone was killed. For us charismatic species are a thing of beauty, for people who live amongst them the can be a danger. The white rhino is a conservation success story, the black rhino might well become one too.

    About the horns,,, it's more of a status thing than medicine. Almost entirely the Vietnamese.


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      As wild as the story may seem to us, it is very believable in Africa. More than 1500 people have been killed by the wildlife in Kruger National Park since the 1990's, mostly starving people from neighboring Mozambique crossing the park on foot to enter South Africa for employment (or poaching rhino). It is said that a single rhino horn is worth a year's pay, and considered well worth the risk to the natives of Mozambique.




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