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200 yd zero 50 yd shot

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  • 200 yd zero 50 yd shot

    Hey guys, I would like to sight my new 30-06 in at 200yd zero. But in the event of a deer coming out at 50 yards, what should i do, where should i aim? Anything helps, thanks.

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    If you were to sight in at 1 1/2" high at 100yds you would be dead on at 25yds and within a 1" at 50yds. That would also give you about dead on at 225yds. I am going from memory for a 180gr bullet - check for their ballistics table for exact numbers. Jim


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      I sight my .308 with 150 Nosler Accubonds dead on at 50 yards. This puts me .4 high at 100 . -.7 at 150 and -3.2 inches at 200. Run your load on the Hornady Balistic calculator and it will give you all the information you need.


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        This is a example calculation I ran using the specs for a 180gr Winchester power point.

        Hornady's ballistic calculator.!/


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          I would encourage you to look into a concept known as maximum point blank range. That is the the distance you can sight a given loading in and have the bullet hit no higher or lower than three inches from point of aim at any point to that maxiumum range. Basically, so long as the animal is within that given range, barring wind or grade you can simply hold dead on and fire.

          Even not knowing your exact load I am certain you will be able to simply hold on at any range below 200.




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