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Is there a person you just won't hunt with? What they'd do?

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    Originally posted by dewman View Post
    For me it's not person but persons. Not any bad gun handlers as I recall but generally fell into two groups.
    1. The killers. Hunted many kinds of game or hunted one species hardcore(ducks) but hated the taste of game and tried giving it all away after they killed it. Never cleaning it first, except deer. I suspect more than a little found its way to a ditch.
    2. Blowhard experts. Will bellow long and hard about how much better their gear is and how yours is junk. Doesn't really phase me but newbies, ladies, and kids looking to be accepted into the outdoor fraternity get shamed right out of it by these bullies.
    I can't stand these two types of people and unfortunately I seem to run into more and more of them. I wish Petzal, Heavey, or Mr. Phil would address this in a column.
    There are other kinds I have run across on a much more limited basis..........
    1. The "clients" who beg you to come along and once you do invite them, expect to be waited on hand and foot(you do all cooking and cleaning) get the best sleeping spot and most egregious, hunt right beside you as though you're their guide and any game you come across means naturally, they get the first shot. Got a beautiful mulie rack on the wall to highlight what a mistake that one is.
    2. The "teacher" bugs you to hunt together till you give in and then everything you do is questioned. You are not calling right, not setting up right, staying in one spot either too long or not long enough. Nothing you do will be like anything he's "read in a magazine or on line" remember he's a teacher, as in "book smart". Real world experience and local game knowledge are abstracts he'll never grasp. Time to drop out of school, hell, you're flunking his class anyway.
    Wow! Caffeine wore my finger out this morning. Thanks for letting me rant Mr. Buckshttoo
    pighunter, your comment above rather surprises me ! You could do the same thing with a camera. I am not so sure in order to fill your reason to be in the woods that someting has to die. If the meat is not important, then the kill is not either !




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