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It is better to have a wet spring and lots of rain and thunder storms in the beginning of turkey season? How does the weather af

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  • It is better to have a wet spring and lots of rain and thunder storms in the beginning of turkey season? How does the weather af

    It is better to have a wet spring and lots of rain and thunder storms in the beginning of turkey season? How does the weather affect turkeys in the late season? If it raining where should you hunt open fields or woods? Is it harder to hunt turkeys if theirs foliage up or not?

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    ive never killed a turkey in the rain but 75% of the turkeys I kill are on overcast days. Ive killed all my turkeys but one in the fields even if there just a little opening in a bottom or a 20 acre field in the tops.


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      weather affects turkeys the same during the entirety of the season. when you get a lighter rain you will find them in the open. they cant hear well in the woods when it rains so they hit the fields where they can use their eyes for defense.

      as far as thunderstorms and very heavy rain you can find them in pine thickets, anything they will keep them relatively dry. animals are like humans in the regard they dont necessarily like to get wet. ive hunted a lot of days without gobbling, and let me tell you, there is no better shock gobbling tool then the loud boom of thunder.

      as far as foliage, yes it is definitely harder to hunt turkeys when the woods are green. you cant see or hear as far as you normally would be able to, goes the same for the turkeys. you will also have to work the birds in closer to get a shot for the not being able to see as far reason. so you will need to be a little more convincing on calls to get them in right on top of you (those 30+ yard shots will be almost out of the question in thick spring woods, especially because you will be sitting on the ground when turkey hunting).


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        A lot of foliage makes the birds sound like they are farther away. Not enough foliage leaves you exposed. A wet spring is hard on all game bird populations because they are sitting on their nests at the time and big rain storms can wash their nests out.


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          If lightning started during that thunder storm my hunt would be done for the day. No bird, fish or animal is worth a lightning hit.


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            I've killed a tom with sleet rattling off my cap bill. I've killed several with sweat stinging my eyes. A couple of times, I've had to turn my facemask backwards to keep the buffalo gnats out of my eyes.
            Open fields, thickets, sunshine, rain, hot, cold, heavy foliage or no foliage! Even with rain dripping down my neck!

            My point. We have a thirty day "Spring Turkey" season that always starts April ^th. If you want a bird, you've GOT to get out there! I monitor weather for clothing considerations and monitor the birds for what "phase" they're in.
            Know the birds and know their phases and weather/foliage are secondary.




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