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I'm looking I to find the most effective turkey call and instructional video. I understand that every hunter has his or her own

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  • I'm looking I to find the most effective turkey call and instructional video. I understand that every hunter has his or her own

    I'm looking I to find the most effective turkey call and instructional video. I understand that every hunter has his or her own preference, but there always seems to be one particularly piece of equipment that is more effective for the novice.

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    I can't give you any specific calls because i make my own. For turkey though, you are going to want more than just one call. I would suggest a good box call, pot and peg call, and a mouth call. As for instructional videos, the internet is your best friend. Look on the nwtf website.


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      i dont know of any instructional video that is better then any other, i think most will serve the purpose well. as far as the most effective call, i prefer diaphrams, and ive become pretty partial to calls made by zink over the past year. their diaphrams that i have purchased sound great. killed my bird last spring with one. i like them for the hands free aspect, and if you practice with them you can make any call you want. you can change tone and sound in 2 seconds by switching diaphrams. plus you can carry a million of them. at some point ill get a crystal pot call by them. they really sound excellent if you know how to work it.


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        There's a ton of instructional videos on Yutube too. I use mostly Quaker Boy diaphragm calls. They make some good videos too. They also make a good push button call for clucks. I dont think the push button calls, in general, do yelps well. I have a Lynch's box call from the 1960's that sounds far better than anything made today (except for some handmades I've heard).

        If you're going to try a diaphram call, start with a single reed call. They are much easier to get good sounds out of.

        Personally, I would get a diaphram and if you can get good sounds out of it, practice until you can make a good yelp and a good cluck. The fancy cackles, purrs, and putts have their uses by I'd get the basics down first.

        If a diaphram doesn't work for you, learn the same on an easy to use box call. Lynch's make a good hen call. Quaker Boy's Fire Box is also easy to learn on and it's waterproof.

        Also, don't sweat it if your calling isn't perfect. I've heard turkeys make some really odd sounds. But, it helps to be on the same page with them.


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          Honestly not trying to be a smart alec here but "most effective turkey calls" are a result of most effective turkey hunters who find a call they're proficient with and practice until they can make it sing. No magic bullets in turkey hunting, just diligence, practice, and woodsmanship.


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            The most versatile call to own is a mouth call. Practice and master it.




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