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    Oh my dog goes outside so I’ll take that as a win. One spot would be a bonus.


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      Originally posted by IanS View Post
      I got the digester put in about a week ago and so far I can’t smell a thing. I have not added any yeast or septic starter and so far the water in the bottom is below the drainage holes so I think the water is enough to liquify the poop. With each deposit I add a couple cups of water.

      Has anyone had success training their dog to use one area for his potty area? If so how?
      I’ve tried taking him on a leash and holding him there till he goes-he won’t go.
      I’ve tried shoveling his poop to the area I want him to go-he goes everywhere else.
      I’ve tried leaving treats-it hasn’t helped.
      I put a big rock there for him to pee on like a fire hydrant and he smelled it and has not peed.
      I bought a spray from the pet shop that supposedly encourages them to pee where it’s sprayed and it’s done nothing.
      I’ve even peed in the area thinking it might help and nothing.

      Please if there is anything I can do to encourage him to use 1 area I’m all ears. He has a nice big area along the house that he can use any part beyond the corner of the house.

      Would putting a gate at the end and penning him in there till he goes help it or just scare him?
      Some guests were on a multimillion dollar charter and had a little dog with them. They put down a piece of outdoor carpet about 2'x3' and the dog would go there.


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        It could be something that he starts doing on his own when he gets older. Right now he’s only 9 months. Not the end of the world to clean up but it’s one of those things that would be really nice to happen.




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