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Thinking about a deer tracking dog

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  • Thinking about a deer tracking dog

    And if it doesn't work out, at least have a neat little buddy.
    Been looking around and was watching some European boar hunting vids........
    saw a cool little dude.

    Didn't know what he was, but did a bit of digging.........and then found a vid of one


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    Most of the outfitters in Africa use Jack Russell terriers or a similar crossbreed. They are great dogs for following the scent and barking only when they find the animal down. Very agile and able to avoid angry horns. Many of hound breeds are too noisy and too large. Deer just keep running from them. Little terriers are less imposing I guess and wounded game is more inclined to stand its ground till hunter gets there and finishes the job. Venison is not so good if the animal has been heated up.

    Personally, I don't want one of the Jack Russell dogs in the neighborhood let alone own one. Too gawdam noisy. Usually pretty bullheaded too. But they seem to work in Africa.

    For a laugh go on line and watch the videos of black mouth curs hunting pigs. They get the hogs by the ears and hang on. Big sport is to stick a knife in one while the dogs have it subdued by the ears. Not for me!


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      Learn to shute more gooder!
      Love my dog (Rottweiler) but I can't find people to watch him.if I need to go out of town.
      He's a 120 pound teddy bear. Everybody looks at him like he's a drizzly


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        If i get the dog the ol lady, kids and their pets can leave


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          Originally posted by PigHunter
          Like I've said before, I want no pets, not even a goldfish. Took care of animals most of my life, been there, done that.

          But, if I were to get a dog, it would be a Black Mouth Cur and I'd train it for squirrel hunting.
          Awesome dogs pighunter!


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            Hunting pigs with dogs is considered inhumane in civilized cultures.





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