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So do Solunar Tables have enny meaning? See first post...

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  • So do Solunar Tables have enny meaning? See first post...

    So do Solunar Tables have enny meaning? See first post...

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    Of course, having extensive experience in Smart Weapons Technology Research and Development , and a double-major of electrical engineering and pre-med, the answer is immediately obvious. It is automatic that the Solunar Tables are the underlying driver for the behavior of at least all vertebrates.

    While some folks are on the deer stand, warming their hands with the latest comm. Devices, the hunter/biologist is pondering concepts that include, but are not limited to, “does ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny” and mulling whether or not the chicken is actually the egg’s way of reproducing itself.

    Biologists are necesarily used in the development of War-Bots because Man Builds Machines in His Own Image. Sensor technologies are based upon human electromagnetic sensing, as well as all its precursors, throughout all of the phylogenetic precursors. Data processing concepts include a history going back, but not limited to, neural networks of Cnidarians.

    Weapons scientists become experts on the basics of primitive animal behavior, including psycholigal concepts such as imprinting and inherited memory.

    Weak Electromagnetic Fields are the scientific explanation for, “What is the mechanisn underlying the predictability of animal behavior, as is reflected in the Solunar Tables?” You can’t have a magnetic field without an orthogonal Electric field. And both are affected by changes (magnitude and vector) due to changes in the gravitational attraction between nearby large bodies, such as the Sun and Moon

    It is believed that life first evolved in the sea in warmer, shallower waters. Of course, animal life forms that could find an advantage for feeding became more successful and crowded out those les adaptive.

    The intersection of land and water is of interest here. It turned out that the animals that could detect gravitational changes and associate it with the presence or absence of tides (and therefore food) dominated. So animal life evolved with these basic evolutionarily-learned behaviors intact, and passed the basic instincts down as inherited memories to the next generations an subsequent species.

    And so it persists to this very day.

    While life is certainly more comples today, hundreds of millions of years later, this basic driver persists. You may or may not be able to play it to advantage in you situation.

    Butt Ah no where Ah kin go and when to catch as many Largemouth Bass as I can reel in for the hour that the Major Activity Period switch is turned on. Typically about 40.

    Has ennybuuddy else experienced this kind of success?


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      That is exactly why 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish.


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        Well that about beat that dead horse to a bloody pulp. Until the last 2 paragraphs, I thought someone hijacked Bayouwoof’s login. I could actually understand what he said……….. Sort of.


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          I'm with you Rocky. I was about to call 911 because I thought was suffering from a TIA, but it was just a brainfart. Anyhow well done BlackDawgz.


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            Dcast -

            Thanky, Thanky.


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