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Dog Trivia questions. 1. What dog has a loudest bark in the world? 2. What domestic dog breeds are the most talkative? One an

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    Golden Retreiver?


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      New guiney singing dog.


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        Santa, I like Ontario and I agree with you about Ontario being intelligent.

        PHW, sorry the dog is not an Australian breed dog but he does live in Australia. The Australian Shepard didn't make the top twelve list.

        Dallas, you’re correct the Golden Retriever who lives in Australia has the loudest bark in the world. Here is a link of short video news report.

        Many top answers remain for the most vocal, talkative, barking and noisiest dog breed alive.
        All domestic dog breeds included and the answer does not have to be a hunting dog.
        I can’t believe that dogs are stumping this F&S panel of dog lovers?

        1. Beagle by Santa
        10. German Shepard by Santa
        11. Yorkshire Terrier by 99explorer
        12. Blood Hound by Happy Myles

        Golden Retriever loudest bark in the world by Dallas A. McWhorter


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          Phw and Sly, when I stated the dog came from Australia you both probably though I meant it was an Australian breed by both your Australian dog picks.

          Sorry, for the incorrect wording on my part. Try another guess, since I throw you both off base.


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            I almost mentioned Beagle, but felt I was just being prejudiced against my neighbors. Man can they make a racket. How about a Blue Tick? Of course, when I was young, I could howl at the moon with the best of them.


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              Post Script,
              Forgot to add, being an old hound dog


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                I know that two mouthy types of dogs are hounds and sled dogs, since Mr. Happy took a hound, I'll guess the Siberian Husky.


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                  Happy, you’re correct the blue tick coon hound was number seven on the list.

                  Phw, you’re correct the Siberian husky was number six on the list.

                  Another sled dog that made the list at number five is the Alaskan malamute.

                  Since this dog trivia question is to tough, the questions are open to everybody even those who already answered.

                  I will give you a clue.
                  The remaining dogs on the list are all small fry’s.


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                    Gary, since I know a little about the ankle biter class of dogs which are bad about constant barking but not always loud while doing it, just let me throw out a few like the Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yap Yap, Fox Terrier, and those nasty little mini Schnauzers.


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                      My "mouther" in law has pugs, which are terribly loud and obnoxious. Could make the list I suppose. The pun above although intended is very untrue. She is certainly a sweet lady.


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                        Santa, awesome job, you picked three out of four yap.
                        Pomeranian was number three.
                        Chihuahua was number four.
                        Miniature Schnauzer was number seven.
                        Fox Terrier didn’t make the top twelve.

                        Phw, the pug wasn’t on the list either.

                        The last two remaining "loud mouth dogs" on the list are at number nine the Basset Hound and the miniature Pinscher at number two.


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                          Sorry about the name Yap Yap, that was the nickname that my wife gave to the Bichon Frise we had at the pet shop one time. It was a cute dog that never shut up, thus the name Yap Yap, which I think she sorta took from a pet product called Yip Yap.


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                            Santa, in answer to your question what is the loudest parrot in the world, I would guess it’s between a macaw and a cockatoo.

                            Have you ever seen an African Grey have a seizure? My female grey had one this morning for the first time and it scared the hell at of me. I’m going to the Vet at the end of the day.


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                              The "toos" drown out the "caws easily. As to the Grey, I have seen seizures in them and a lot of other birds also. The seizure problem and its cause can sometimes be determined by a vet, but is more often just guessed at and gets called an idiopathic seizure. In any event, the seizure has something to do with the brain's sending signals to the nerves. One problem which may help to cause seizures is too much salt in the diet. Another cause may be too much vitamin D3 in the diet. Vitamin D3 is the sunlight vitamin which the body makes itself when out in the sun. Pets that are inside and never get out into the sunlight, need D3 added to their diet in order for their body to properly absorb calcium. Greys are a dust lube bird meaning that they use a powder between their feathers to lubricate the feather movement. It takes calcium to make this dust and it takes calcium to keep their bones strong and light. It has been determined that a Grey needs roughly a maximum of 750 imperial units of D3 added to a pound of food if they never see natural sunlight. But if they see any natural sunlight at all, then they probably do not need any added to their food because they are making their own. Some of the major bird food manufactures were checked in the early 2000's and found to have as high as 2300 imperial units of D3 per pound of their pellets. It was decided by a few manufactures to add only 600 imperial units of D3 per pound to their foods at that time. Remember that if your bird gets natural sunlight that even 600 IU is still too much. Excess D3 can build up in the kidneys as D3 crystals and maybe even be the cause of what a lot of vets label as epileptic convulsions.


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                                Santa, thank you for all that great information.

                                I went to the Vet and he took a blood sample and did other things for testing. The Vet said the parrot had another seizure while he was holding her.

                                Both my greys are near a window so they get their share of sunlight.

                                I have been reading super things on the internet about it.
                                I hope to God it is not life threatening. She is an awesome bird. She just started having eggs two years ago.




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