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I have a Beagle that scratches his ears constantly, and has for the last 2 summers. His ears are red and irritated. Vet suggeste

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  • I have a Beagle that scratches his ears constantly, and has for the last 2 summers. His ears are red and irritated. Vet suggeste

    I have a Beagle that scratches his ears constantly, and has for the last 2 summers. His ears are red and irritated. Vet suggested changing foods, it didn't work. It only happens in the summer, winter time he is fine. Has anyone ever heard of a dog being allergic to dirt or grass. I don't want to spend $300 on a blood test for allergies. Any help would be appreciated....Thanks

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    If you are talking about the inside, maybe they itch because they are dry. Try putting a small amount of mineral oil on your fingers(wear surgeons gloves) and rub the inside of his ears.


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      Check for ear mites, they're bad in long eared dogs.


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        Malassesia Dermatitis (Yeast).

        Once it gits in there, it's hard to git out.

        Signature is black goo in the ear.

        Carefully swab out the ear canal with a Q-tip wet with alcohol.

        Put two drops of Animax ointment on a Q-tip and coat the canal all the way down to the ear drum.

        Repeat until the ear canal is thoroughly coated

        Be extra careful not to puncture the eardrum!

        Cease treatment when the Q-tips come back clean and the inside of the ear doesn't stink enny mo.

        About a week.

        Now gitchocef a bar of Lamisil antifungal soap and bathe him.

        DSP Skin Care online.

        Look in "Foot Care".

        $5, includes shipping.

        Lather it up and let sit for 15 minutes whilst ye work it in.

        Repeat in one week.

        You're Welcome.


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          If he's scratching on the outside of his ear it may be a food allergy especially if he licks his feet a lot. Mine does and it is an allergy to corn and some other starches. Changing food did not work with my dog however he's on meds.


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            maybe its an ear infection. my dog gets them all the time.


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              I'm thinking ear mites. you can probably get ear drops at a farm store or the vet might have them.


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                mites are a good duess. use the drops periodically and keep ears clen on a daily basis. Should see a quick turn around


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                  I have not tried the ointment yet, but the ear on my dog is starting to come clean with the daily alcohol treatments.


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                    My lab had same problem as described by Bayouwoof. I tried everything for several years to no avail. I finally switched to Purina One Lamb & Rice and within a week and half his ears cleared up and has not had a problem since. Purina One may not work for your dog but try it. Try any food that you can get without all the fillers and give it time work. You can also make your own food with meat of choice & veggies which would probably be even better than store bought food.


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                      That dog has probably got ear mites and that should have been the first thing the vet should have checked.


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                        Bayouwoof is correct about a yeast infection in the ears. To determine if it is a yeast infection, try the Q-Tip in the ear test, if there is black "crust" on it when you pull it out then it is usually yeast infection. If there is crust, you can flush the ears with a 50/50 mix of alcohol and white vinegar twice a day for about four days and it should take care of the problem. The alcohol evaporates quickly producing a drying effect for moisture already in the ear and the vinegar lowers the ph factor such that pathogens (yeast) can not survive. On the other hand, ear mites are a different thing all together. To determine if ear mite are present, repeat the Q-Tip test then scrap the "wax" removed from the ear onto a piece of black paper. Examine under a magnifying glass. Ear mites will show up as tiny white moving specks. If ear mite are the problem, I would take the dog to a good vet to make sure and then treat per the vet's advice.


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                          If you have a beagle you dont need to spend money and send him to vets , you have to get him allergy dogs ears are itchy you have to send him to vet and the vet has to get you a therapy for him.




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