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    Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post

    There were reports of some sort of "swamp thing" in the Tex-Ark-Lou area back in the late 40's, early 50's.
    Again, no photos, no evidence, no bodies, no remains. Just oral reports.
    The Legend of Boggy Creek? That movie scared me when I was a kid. Got a real catchy song in it, though: "Hey, Travis Crabtree! Do you see what I see?"

    Man, for some reason, no matter what thread we're on, I'm always having different songs popping into my head ...... ???


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      Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
      Never figured Bigfoot as a flat lander. I mean really, Ohio??????

      Click image for larger version

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      I think everybody wants in on the tourist bucks. No beaches, no ski mountains? No worries, just invent a creature.

      That said, I sorta believe that the Loch Ness creatures might actually be there. Something about deep, deep water just gives me the creeps anyway.


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        Native Americans have mentioned something about them in their lore for centuries.
        The earliest modern discusion was in the '50's at a lumber campin Washington. Remember, there were stories of 55gal drums full of fuel beng thrown around camp. ?

        I was talking to a neighbor at camp and I mentioned the scream I heard. When I described it he said he heard the same thing some years ago but never said anything about it. It came from a area close to the one I heard, first one scream and then another from some distance away. Eerie stuff.


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          In the annals of history, since man began recording history in the late 1400's (1492?), no one, not one single, solitary, human being has found and or recorded a recently deceased, decomposing remains, skeletal remains or living bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti or any other humanoid type creature...other than the great apes of Africa and Borneo.
          There have been too many hunters/outdoors people, wanderers, explorers and adventurers out in the most remote areas in the last 600 years for at least ONE of them to discover and report a living, injured, crippled, dead, decomposing or skeletonized bigfoot, yeti, sasquatch or swamp thingie.

          I'm more inclined to believe in the extraterrestrial beings than bigfoot.




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