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  • May Use This One

    Have not used this one in a few years. If I make a trip tothe Adirondacks I may carry the Mauser. 6.5X55 mm. This has a sporter bolt handle and Winchester safety. The original barrel was shot out so the Importer sent a new barrel my Gunsmith installed. As you can see it is a shooter. Click image for larger version

Name:	6.5X55 tsrget  11 23 14 002.JPG
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ID:	783381 Click image for larger version

Name:	6.5X55 tsrget  11 23 14 004.png
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    That's a great one jimbo. That will take care of anything you encounter. I have always been amazed with how hard that 6.5mm bullet hits. Nice mild recoil too so it is pleasant to shoot. Good luck to you on your hunt. Hope you find a wall hanger.


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      Nice rifle.
      The Swede is a good round


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        Originally posted by PigHunter
        I'd carry it - just as good as the 6.5 Creedmoor
        Both of these are excellent hunting cartridges. The great modern 6.5 bullets are accurate, maintain their velocity exceptionally well and they seem to hit game way harder than most other bullets I know of that exit the muzzle around 2750 fps. When you put either cartridge in a precision rifle (good barrel, bedding, trigger, optics) they both shoot with a high level of precision. I could really never understand why the U.S. market shunned the 6.5 Swede unless it was just a strong desire to shoot American born cartridges.


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          When I first got it only Norma ammo was readly available. now several load for it as do I.




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